How ICICI Bank Cardless cash withdrawal at ATM works?

How ICICI Bank cardless cash withdrawal at ATM worksHow ICICI Bank Cardless cash withdrawal at ATM works?

Recently, ICICI bank has launched a new service, where one can withdraw cash at ATM’s without a card. It was a unique feature launched by ICICI Bank. Now ATM users are wondering how it would work? I would provide some insights about this new concept. How ICICI Bank Cardless cash withdrawal at ATM works? What are the positives and limitations of such new feature of cardless cash withdrawal at an ATM?

What is this new concept of cardless cash withdrawal at an ATM?

When you visit an ATM to withdraw cash, you need ATM card. ICICI Bank now offers withdrawal of cash facility without debit card at ICICI Bank ATM centres with the help of a mobile number. You can transfer money from the account to anyone in India with a mobile number.

How ICICI Bank Cardless cash withdrawal at ATM works?

ICICI Bank Savings Bank A/c holders can initiate this service. Here is the step-by-step process on how this service can be availed.

Step # 1: S.B A/c holder need to login to ICICI bank internet banking site.

Step # 2: Register recipient name, mobile no and address under Manage Payee –> Add cardless cash withdrawal payee option.

Step # 3: Go to transfers section and select ‘cardless cash withdrawal’, select account, enter the amount from the registered payee list and submit the same. Your amount is debited from your account immediately.

Step # 4: Sender would get 4 digit verification code. The recipient would get 6 digit reference code through SMS.

Step # 5: Recipient can go to any of the ICICI ATM’s and avail this facility to withdraw cash without ATM. You need not press any button at ATM center. It would automatically display “cardless withdrawal option” when you see the ATM machine. You need to select this option. He/She need to enter mobile no, cash amount and verification code and reference no (4 digit + 6 digit code). Cash is dispensed to the recipient.

Positives of this facility

  • Cash withdrawal without ATM card.
  • Your family members can avail such facility so that they can visit any of the ATM centers and withdraw cash without your presence and ATM card. You can make payment to your friends / relatives etc. without ATM card and cheque book facility.
  • Avail this cardless cash withdrawal facility through 10,000 ATM centres of ICICI Bank across India.
  • You can withdraw your own cash with this facility without having an ATM card.

Limitations of this feature

  • Withdrawal of cash possible within 2 days only. Beyond this, the transaction would expire and you would get your money back in your bank account.
  • This facility is available only in ICICI Bank ATM centres and you cannot use this facility in other ATM centres.
  • Registering details and cash withdrawal process is little time consuming task.

Conclusion Remarks: ICICI Bank has always been providing innovative features to its users. Cardless cash withdrawal option at the ATM is such a unique feature offered in the banking industry. Though there are some limitations, I feel this facility would be useful, especially when you want your family members to withdraw cash without ATM card and without your presence.

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How ICICI Bank Cardless cash withdrawal at ATM works

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