Hey, I completed 3 years today – Wish me

Happy Birthday Myinvestmentideas - 3-YearsHey, I completed 3 years today – Wish me

Hi, My name is myinvestmentideas.com. I am celebrating my 3rd birthday today. I would tell what I have done in last 1 year. Yeh, don’t share them with my Boss (Suresh KP). Pls… pls…pls… I am proud and always think that I am bringing excitement to investor community day by day. Investors feel happy about myself and my competitors feel jealous as always. My boss spends more time with me than with his family . Don’t quote outside, my boss would kill me.

Whether I have done some good things in last 1 year, yeh, yes, let me share.

1) Migrated to responsive site

Boss says, he created this blog to provide free education to investors. But you know he earns money through this blog. That’s okay. He uses free themes and plugins. Yeh, last month, I have been migrated to Responsive theme. It is a theme where readers of the blog would have a more convenient way to view the blog on desktop, laptop, tab and mobile and various other devices. Now, I look smarter and user friendly from any desktop/laptop/mobile devices.

2) 10,000+ page views per day

Last year, more than 8,000 visitors used to visit me during Jun-2014. Currently, with my latest investment ideas and articles on Best Investment Plans, there is an improvement of 25% more visitors. Currently average daily page views has crossed 10,000+. This shows investors trust towards me . Don’t give credit to my boss, please.

Apoorva (Daughter) and Akhil (Son) - 3rd birthday celebrations
Apoorva (Daughter) and Akhil (Son) – 3rd birthday celebrations
3) 15,500+ comments answered till now

By the end of Jun-2014, there were more than 8,700 questions answered on this blog. When it, reached by the end of Jun-2015, the comments responded have been increased from 8,700 to 15,500+. My boss is lazy sometimes and delays in responding to comments.

4) 15400+ Facebook likes

Currently, there are more than 15,400 likes on Facebook. Many readers like me, especially when my boss writes articles on mutual funds, New IPO’s, insurance product reviews etc., My boss has just 500 Face book friends and I have 15,000 fan following on Face Book. Boss, I am great.

5) Continued reviews on the latest investment options appreciated by investors

Hey, my boss writes continuous and un-biased view on various investment options on this blog. Like last year, even now there were threatening messages on this blog about negative reviews. Yeah boss, keep writing honest reviews please…

6) Guest articles on top financial websites

My boss started writing articles on top financial sites like moneycontrol.com etc. Many people visit me through such websites and my brand value is increasing day by day. I am proud of you, my boss.

7) Guest Article from top bloggers on myinvestmentideas.com

My boss thinks he is little clever, but also think that other top bloggers are more clever. He started this new initiative of top bloggers writing articles on this blog. Thanks to Kirti of Bemoneyaware and Raviraj of Moneyexcel who participated in this initiative till now.

What was thought and not done in last 1 year?

My Dear Boss, You promised last year that you would create a forum to enable the investor community to share experiences and feedback, you said, you would add value added premium services for financial planning. When do you plan to implement these promises boss ? Please do it at least next year.

Humble request to readers

Please read the comments in an article and post a new question. Repeated questions would be time consuming and my boss would not be able to help you with more analysis. Also, please comment on blog in relevant article instead of sending an email to my boss. Since most of them would be generic queries, it would be useful for other readers also who might be searching for similar issues.

Wishing all readers a wonderful year ahead and wish many of you should become Crorepathis with small investments.


Boss of Suresh KP… Yeh, sorry 
, my boss is Suresh KP

Suresh KP


  1. Happy Birthday my dear friend.You and your Boss helped me a lot in my investment.I am very much thankful to you both.

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