Good news: IT Return filing date extended to 5-Aug-13

Dear Readers,

If you have not filed your IT Return yet, you have a good news. IT Return filing date has been extended up to 5-Aug-13. IT dept has made mandatory e-filing for tax payers whose income is more than Rs 5 Lakhs, hence there has been high number of people accessing the efiling website.  There has been severe pressure on e-filing, hence we understand that servers has not been responding some times. Due to this, Ministry of Finance has has extended IT Return filing date up to 5-Aug-13 instead of original date of 31-Jul-13. Thought the issue was for e-filing, I am assuming that who are opting for non e-filing (< Rs 5 Lakhs income) also file returns by 5-Aug-13. 

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Happy IT Return filing !!!


Suresh KP


  1. Hello Sir,

    I am a MBBS doctor. I have worked as a MO in one private hospital during year 2012 from november to for two months only they deducted 3000 INR during my pay and gave me form 16A. I only worked 2 months and I left  the job due to higher studies. Please kindly guide me can I apply for TDS return ? I know due date is gone but can I apply for next year or not ? Also kindly tell me if I have certain amount of money in saving account (not FD) i.e. 1-2 lac do I need to pay tax ? 

    1. Hello Dr. Raj, I would answer your second qustion and then first. 1) You need to pay income tax on FD interest as per your income tax slab. 2) You need to club this income for 2 months and add Bank FD interest and see if the total income is less than Rs 2L limit. If yes, you should have filed return for claiming TDS return. Now the date of 5-Aug-13 is already over. No TDS refund can be claimed after due date. You can still try and call Income Tax department, CPC, Bangalore at toll free number 1800 180 1961

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