Goibibo ICICI Bank Travel Card – Should you opt for this travel card?

Goibibo ICICI Bank Travel Card - Should you opt for this credit cardGoibibo ICICI Bank Travel Card – Review

Recently, ICICI Bank has launched a travel card in the name of Goibibo ICICI Bank Travel Card. This is attracting several individuals who love travelling. Goibibo Travel Card from ICICI Bank is accepted across over 200 countries and has several other benefits too. What are the features of Goibibo ICICI Bank Travel Card? Are there any hidden fees for this Goibibo ICICI Bank Travel Card? Should you opt for Goibibo ICICI Bank Travel Card?

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Overview of Goibibo ICICI Bank Travel Card

Recently, ICICI Bank, in partnership with the travel booking portal, Goibibo announced the launch of a multi-currency co-branded travel card called the ‘Goibibo ICICI Bank Travel Card.’ Any person traveling abroad, whether they hold an ICICI Bank Savings Account or not can apply for this card. It helps you to enjoy the convenience of using a single card at multiple countries with zero cross-currency charges. Moreover, it also offers heavy discounts on flight and hotel bookings. The aim of introducing this card was to target one of the fastest growing tourism market in the world- India.

Features of Goibibo ICICI Bank Travel Card

Here are the key features of this travel card.

1) The applicant does not necessarily possess ICICI savings account.

2) The card is acceptable across 200 countries and 4.6 crore merchants globally.

3) There is Rs 500 gocash+ Gift voucher is provided along with welcome kit.

4) A 40 paise discount rate is offered on the currency conversion rate on the loading of a minimum of $1000.

5) The card gives you a benefit of up to Rs. 20,000 which includes a gift voucher of Rs. 15,000 from Goibibo.

6 The card provides an offer of flat 15% discount at over 100 Indian restaurants in 6 foreign cities- Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. (the cardholder needs to present the card along with the intention to avail the discount offer)

7) A discount of Rs. 500 is offered on shopping at Croma outlets (including at airport and online).

8) Ola discount voucher worth Rs. 500 on the load of $1000 and Rs. 1000 for the load of $2000.

9) Travel insurance between Rs. 2 lakh and Rs. 10 lakh.

10) It can be loaded with 15 different currencies and funds can be transferred from one currency to another currency easily.    

11) Money can be loaded anytime and anywhere through net banking and mobile banking with a unique feature of instant reloading and currency transfer.

12) Complimentary card protection from theft and loss up to Rs. 5 lakh.

13) The card comes with a free replacement card along with the primary card. If you happen to lose or damage the original card, you can easily activate the replacement card.

Are there any hidden fees for this Goibibo ICICI Bank Travel Card?

The card comes with a joining fee of Rs. 499 plus GST. There are no other hidden charges except this.

How to apply for Goibibo ICICI Bank Travel Card?

The following are the steps to apply for Goibibo ICICI Bank Travel Card-

1) Login through Goibibo website or mobile application or on the bank portal of ICICI.

2) Fill in the details asked like name, mobile number, passport number, e-mail id, PAN number, etc.

3) Enter the OTP received either on the mobile number or email id.

4) Select the currency and amount to be loaded.

5) Make the payment using ICICI bank saving account. In case you are not a customer of ICICI, use the bill-desk portal.

6) Further, verifier visits customer’s address in a few working days to verify documents, collect photocopy of passport/ pan card/ visa and hand deliver the travel kit. The card will get activated within one working day of submission of the documents.

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Are there any hidden factors in this credit card?

As such, the card does not contain any hidden factors. The only thing is the minimum amount of transaction for eligibility is-

Travel Card Load – 1000 units of USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, and SGD or 750 units of GBP and EUR.

Should you opt for Goibibo ICICI Bank Travel Card?

Packed with so many unique features, Goibibo ICICI Bank Travel Card offers monetary benefits to the people traveling abroad. It is really apt for those who are visiting multiple countries on a single trip where you want to utilize multiple currencies in single card. If the features indicated for the travel card are suitable to your requirement, you can definitely opt for such travel cards.

Readers, do you have any other travel card which is better than Goibibo Travel Card? If yes, which is that and what are the unique features of that?

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Goibibo ICICI Bank Travel Card – Should you opt for this Travel card

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