7 Ways to be successful as an insurance agent

Insurance Agent
Insurance agents referred as insurance sales agents, help the customers to select the insurance policies which are suitable to their needs. These insurance agents sell the products of the insurance companies. The products include life insurance, health insurance etc.,

7 Ways to be successful as an insurance agent
1) Select an insurance company which is already in existence and people knows about this. E.g. LIC, HDFC Insurance, Max New York etc., In case you are selecting a new insurance company, it would take lot of time for an agent to create awareness among the customers.
2) In initial stages as an agent, select the insurance policies which earn low commission. Unless you provide good insurance policies to insured, you cannot build trust with them
3) Do not try to divert your sales only to high commission insurance policies. Once your customers realize this, they soon start ignoring you.
4) Target the corporate companies. You can conduct seminars, awareness programmes where you can get good number of  customers.
5) When you meet customer for first time, understand his requirements. Do not jump and explain what you want to sell. Once you understand customer requirement, it is easy to sell the products where you may even get higher commissions
6) Once customer buys the insurance products from you, be in touch with him every 6 months. This way you are continuing the relationship and in case customer wanted to buy any new insurance product, they would approach you directly
7) One of the good methods of gaining confidence is, as an agent, try buying good insurance products. When you talk to customers, you can refer this, so that they gain confidence among the product. However buying several insurance products is not that easy. This is only for a few products which you can “self advertise”

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