Data Stealers-Beware-Legal actions is being taken

This message is to all websites/blogs who are stealing the data from and pasting the articles "as-is"

In the last 7 days, it was clear evident from Google search that some of the websites/blogs have been copying the data from website "as-is" and stealing all valuable analysed data and pasting on their website with zero effort.

Classic example is if someone types "Sumeet industries FD scheme" and "Gitanjali Gems FD Scheme" in Google Search, it displayes websites in top pages who are stealing and just pasting the data.  One can look at time stamp to check which website published the content first.

While every one has right to analyse and present facts, stealing the data where hard effort has put-in by others is not acceptable. 

We are taking steps to protect our data as well informing to Digital Copyright Millenium Act to proceed legally for stealing the data for such websites.



Suresh KP


  1. Good job suresh in trying to hunt the culprits

    Truth always wins
    Check to find more folks and complain to thier hosting company by checking in

  2. Hi Suresh,

    It's rather unfortunate to see such cheap data piracy happen because your content is remarkably helpful and original. It's usually done by websites opting for black hat SEO strategies for link building to get traffic to their pages. Hopefully, the recent changes in Google's search engine algorithm (Penguin 2.0) and a set of further updates will offset these data hijackers from using these shady tactics. Cheers!

    1. Prashant, I don’t mind someone pick-up the points and put into their site or blog. They are just cut-pasting 99% of entire article. The issue is the website which is stealing the data is getting better ranking in this week search results rather than our blog. Hopefully such google Penguin updates might take care of of such sites who just steal the data without doing any hardwork.

  3. Hi Suresh,

    I know how much pain it will give if someone steals the creadit of hardwork we did, I faced sometimes in my work area. I saw the sites/blogs who are just copying and pasting the content which is very bad.

    As a regular reader of your site and working software professional I would like to know if I can do any help reagarding this.

    Thank you


    1. Thanks Kishore, for you coming forward to help me. I have quickly took some steps in protecting the data today morning. I would be mailing you for some support thru my email. Thanks for your help.

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