Contest – Best appreciations and Best criticisms about

Contest – Best appreciations and Best criticisms about

Dear Readers,

It is 6+ months I have started this blog. There are 1000+ daily visitors viewing 4000+ page views daily. It has exceeded my expectation. I keep getting appreciations as comments on blog, Facebook and email messages. I want to conduct a contest now which would benefit the readers as well for the improvement of the blog.

What is the contest about?

The contest is about choosing the Best appreciations and Best criticisms about our blog

Best appreciations

  1. Readers should have got excited viewing our blog. They should click on “Like” button at and complete the process. It would show to your friends on Facebook that you liked it.
  2. Reader should give honest appreciation about in the below comments column along with confirming that they have done step-1.
  3. The appreciation should not be more than 10 lines or 10 sentences. Ideal one should be between 5 to 10 lines.
  4. Appreciation comments should be clear. Do not put like “Good one” or “Your blog is excellent”. You should indicate what part(s) of the blog you got excited.
  5. We would choose 2 best appreciations and publish as winners.
  6. All these comments made would appear in this blog for ever or would be removed from our end at any point of time without any notice. Pls note that only name + comment would get displayed. Your email ID would NOT be shown. We respect your privacy.

Best criticisms

  1. Reader should give honest criticism about this blog.
  2. Criticism comments should not exceed more than 5 lines or 5 sentences
  3. Criticism should be clear. Do not put like “investment options suggested are not good” or “Your ideas are not good”. The comment should be very clear about what is that you have not liked along with reason. The criticism also should provide the suggestions to improve the areas pointed out.
  4. We would choose two best criticisms which would be helpful in improving the blog.
  5. All these comments made would appear in this blog for ever or would be removed from our end at any point of time without any notice. Pls note that only name + comment would get displayed. Your email ID would NOT be shown. We respect your privacy.

Period of contest:

The period would start from today 16-Jan-13 to 31-Jan-13 for 16 days period. The winners would be published by 3-Feb-2013. 

What would winners get?

Best appreciations

  1. First winner would get a chance to meet me in person in Hyderabad for a cup of coffee (I am not celebrity :-), but can help you to clarify all your queries you may have in person). If the winner is from Non-Hyderabad he/she would get an opportunity to talk to me over phone for 30 minutes time. The winner would also get a special gift. The time would be on a Saturday or Sunday and the timings would be upon mutual understanding.
  2. Second winner would get a surprising gift. It would be a special gift from which I got inspiration and started this blog.

Best criticism

2 Winners from this category would get surprising gifts from us.

Final word

The above contest is done by and the final decision of choosing the winners would be from our end. No queries or questions would be entertained. decision would be final in this regard.

What are you waiting for?

Best Investment Options @

Suresh KP


  1. There are lots of Financial Planners in the market but "My Investment Ideas" is different since it provided sincere and immediate advice to its readers. Interaction and advice to the clients is not motivated by the money factor but provides a deep insight of the factual position of the financial product.Their recommendations about the Equity and Mutual funds is not only logical and based on entire market situation rather than its legacy/history and the brand image. It is one of the sites/blogs which advices retail investors to create wealth rather than speculating in the risky stock market. My congratulations to Mr. Suresh for providing right advice to investors and wish him all the best in his future ventures.

  2. Hello suresh,

    I like your Post.Very good for the beginners.

    Good Points:1.Clarity of Points 

    2.Nice tips /options for Online earning

    3.Simple English

    Chance of Improvement in

    1.Pls metion some more deepness of the points/articles so that the reader will understand the every aspect of  it.

    2.If possible,  inclide a blog of "Share Marketing" which will educate the Beginers .Teach us the Call/puts/Options/Trading/Intraday etc. in simple language. This will attract more people who want to "Learn and Earn" From the same.

    3.And then you can give the suggetions and earn from the same.

  3. Hi,

    The blog may look interesting for the new users who dont read other blogs but it doesnt attract me all the times. I follow , and someother blogs. So sometime i feel the information you are giving is already discussed in thier wesites. So do research deeply and try to publish the post on topics which are not discussed in other blogs and do the post on new things/arrivals as early as possible( atleast before other bloggers) . This will make us to show interest on your blogs instead of getting bored with known information :).

    Thanks and Regards,


  4. Hello Suresh,

    No doubt that your blog should get our appreciation for providing a lots of useful information on business and investments.

    As a Biginner investor, likes to see your investment ideas and I feel that the ideas posted here would be helpful for all the investors whether he is a beginner or an experenced.

    Simplified way of writing about business is good.  For Indian people studied English as 2nd second language, the contend is very easily understandable due to simplicity.

    Even the new comers to this site like me can enhance their knowledge if they visit the blog on dailly basis as this site is very much informative on business & investment.

    Thanks for giving an oppurtunity to write our comments here.

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