Comparison of Health Insurance Plans for Diabetic Patients in India

health insurance for diabetic patientsComparison of Health Insurance Plans for Diabetic Patients in India

Diabetes is one of the biggest health issues on the worldwide basis. The number of diabetes patients has risen from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014. It is also projected that by the year 2030, diabetes will become the 7th leading cause of death on a global level. In this article, we would provide details about various types of Diabetics and comparison of health insurance plans for diabetic patients in India. We would also provide certain facts about minimum premium, waiting period and sum assured for some of the best health insurance plans for diabetic patients in India.

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Here are some of the facts related to diabetes in India

There are 69.1 million cases of diabetes in India in 2015(Source: International Diabetes Federation)

By 2025, every fifth diabetic patient in the world will be an Indian(Source: WHO)

India is known as the diabetic capital of the world as it ranks 2nd in numbers of diabetic patients on a global level (Source: Lancest Study)

About 1 million people died from diabetes in the year 2012(Source: IDF Diabetes Atlas, International Diabetes Federation)

By the end of 2030, there will be 87 million cases of diabetes in India (Source: WHO)

One out of five corporate workers suffer from diabetes or hypertension (Source: Neilsen India)

Number of claims by men for diabetes related ailments are 13% higher than woman(Source: Neilsen India)

The risk of contracting diabetes is 50% higher for those who are between 50-60 years(Source: Neilsen India)

Now let’s look atsome statistics related to diabetes claims in India to have a better understanding of the alarming situation of diabetes and the need for a health insurance plan to combat the medical expenses.

Rise in Diabetes claims

rise in diabetes claims-health insurance for diabetic patients-

(Source: The Economic Times)

Age Wiseclaim for Diabetes

health insurance for diabetic patients-age wise diabetes deatils

(Source: The Economic Times)

State-wise claim for Diabetes

health insurance for diabetic patients-state wise claims of diabetes

(Source: The Economic Times)

So, looking at the figures till now, you must have realized how big the issue of diabetes is and health care cost is. And thus it becomes necessary to buy a health insurance plan for diabetic patients. Many people have this misconception that being a diabetic patient, they can’t buy a health insurance policy in India. But there are many companies which cover diabetes as a pre-existing disease in their health insurance policy and also cover specific health issues arising due to diabetes.So let’s look at the various factors which you need to keep in mind while buying a health insurance policy for diabetes and we will also look at what insurance companies are offering for such cases.

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What are various types of Diabetes?

First of all it is very much necessary to understand the type of diabetes you have because insurance companies provide cover on the basis of type of diabetes

Type 1 diabetes- This type of diabetes is also known as insulin dependent diabetes because the body stops producing insulin, which is required to convert glucose into energy and the patient requires regular insulin shots. The immunity systems start considering insulin as a foreing agent and attacks them, due to which our pancreas stops producing insulin.

Policies covering type 1 diabetes – None

Type 2 diabetes- It is that condition of the body when the level of sugar (glucose) goes higher than normal. In this condition the cells of our body become insulin resistance and the amount of insulin produced is not enough.

Which are the Specific Policies covering type 2 diabetes?

Star Health Diabetes Safe

National insurance Varishta Mediclaim

Energy Plan by Apollo Munich Health Insurance Plan

Type 3 diabetes- It is caused due to the resistance of insulin in the brain and it is a type of Alzheimer disease.

Gestational diabetes – It occurs in women during pregnancy and has higher chances of getting converted into the type 2 diabetes if left uncured.

Which are the Policies covering Gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is covered under the maternity benefit of health insurance policy.

What is the Premium Amount for Diabetes health insurance plans?

The premium amount for a diabetic patient is generally higher than the normal premium amount because the risk associated with diabetes is high. People with diabetes have higher chances of claim because of the frequent medical attention. So always looks for a policy which provides you maximum benefit at minimal price.

Minimum premium amount of different policies (A person with 45 years of age and with a cover of 3 lakh)


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What is the Waiting Period in such plans?

Every health insurance policy comes with a waiting period, after which you can make a claim for your pre-existing disease (in this case, its diabetes).  Generally the waiting period for pre-existing disease is 4 years but it varies from company to company. You should always look for a policy with minimum waiting period.

Waiting period of different health insurance policies


Sum assured

Always choose the right amount of sum assured for your health insurance policy. Your decision of sum assured should be based on your diabetes condition, age, city, hospitalization requirement and the inflation rate of health care. Always go for a company which offers you a wide range of sum assured.

Sum assured of different health insurance policies


Age and cover for disease arising due to diabetes

You should always check the age limit of your health insurance policy. Flexible age limit will allow you to get insured at advanced age also. Your health insurance policy is not only limited to diabetes, but it also covers problem arising in other body parts like kidney, eyes, feet, due to diabetes.

Age limit and cover of different policies


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Key points to keep in mind

Decide on the health cover size you need. If you lie under high threat section, then it is prudent you must opt for a larger cover

Distribute your health coverage or sum insured between a base/standard health plan and a top up health plan. Top up health plan is an economical way to ensure you are adequately insured. Top up plans get triggered after a deductible limit which is why the premiums are lower for top up plans and will cost nearly half the price of your base plan.

Get a specialized, specific plan which covers you from the inception of the policy.

You can get cover for diabetes under both individual health insurance plan and group health insurance plan (no waiting period in group health insurance)

Most of the policies will ask for medical checkup before taking the policy to detect the type of diabetes and other health condition

Always try to buy health insurance as early as possible, especially if you have a medical history of diabetes

You should understand the terms and condition regarding cover for diabetes in a detailed manner. There are many limitations and benefits for diabetic patient like some companies offer benefitsif you control your diabetes during the policy.

Never forget to buy an individual health cover for your family member who is suffering from diabetes, so that your sum insuredon group health insurancedoesn’t get exhausted as a diabetic patient needs regular medical attention.

The number of insurance companies covering diabetes is very low in India, but still enough plans are available to choose the best one. You must understand the various clauses related to diabetes and keep in mind the mentioned given factors as well. So don’t wait for your medical condition to get worsened and opt for a health insurance policy as early as possible covering Diabetes.

(Disclaimer: The examples given in the content about various insurance products and companies are for the knowledge of the readers purely. The Author or is not biased towards any insurance product or company).

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