Rs 3 Crore – Code Gladiators 2017 contest – What are the hidden factors?

Rs 3 Crore - Code Gladiators 2017 contest - What are the hidden factors-minRs 3 Crore – Code Gladiators 2017 contest – What are the hidden factors?

These days we are seeing Deloitte Code Gladiators contest Advertisement where it indicates that you can win Rs 3 Crores. Deloitte is conducting Techcode Gladiators 2017 contest in India. Large IT and MNC companies like Infosys, Accenture, IBM, Invesco etc., are the sponsors of this contest. If you are good coder in India, you can participate in this Code Gladiators 2017 contest and get prices upto Rs 3 Crores. What is this Code Gladiators 2017 contest all about? Who is eligible to participate in this contest to win such huge money? Are there are hidden factors?

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Overview about Code Gladiators 2017 contest

  • It is India’s biggest coding contest for coding developers.
  • This contest is already open now and would end on 9th June, 2017.
  • You can win the title of “Best Coder Of India” which can help you to brand yourself.
  • Prizes worth Rs 3 Crores where you can grab them.
  • You can get recognised by top IT companies in India.
  • You get certified for being a part of India’s biggest coding contest.

How to participate in this Deloitte Code Gladiators 2017 contest?

If you are a good coder, you can quickly participate in this Techcode Gladiators 2017 contest in India.

  • You can register at this link.
  • It has 3 levels, Easy, Medium and Expert and each level will consist of 1 coding problem.
  • Once you register yourself, all levels will be open to attempt by default.
  • You are ready to participate now. Click on "Participate" button on the Coding Challenge box in the application. The application has a Live Coding Environment where you can give your code.
  • Once the individual completes writing the code, a default test case will be used to check the code. To submit the code, the individual must pass the default test case, however, individual does not score for passing the default test case.
  • To score marks, you must clear default test cases (which are actually built to check code). Each test case carries equal marks with equal weightage. The total of all the test cases is 100 marks.
  • You would get max of 2 attempts in each problem. Higher score of the two attempts will be considered as final score.
  • If any participant is found having multiple profile while participating in the contest for any kind of reasons, he/she will be disqualified for the event.

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What are the prize money details of Code Gladiators 2017 contest?

Deloitte in consultation with other sponsors is conducting this Techcode Gladiators 2017 contest in India to encourage techies and here are the prize details.

  • One would title of Best Coder of India
  • Champion (Individual) would get Rs 2.5 Lakhs cash reward.
  • 1st runner-up would get Rs 2 Lakhs cash reward. 2nd runner-up would get Rs 1.5 Lakhs cash reward. 3rd runner-up would get Rs 1 Lakhs cash reward. 4th runner-up would get Rs 75,000 cash reward. 5th runner-up would get Rs 50,000 cash reward. Female Coder would get 50,000 prize money.
  • Theme Champion would get Rs 2 Lakhs, Theme Runnerup would get 1 Lakhs, Beat the leader would get Rs 2 Lakhs and Daily winner would get Rs 20,000 reward.
  • Special prizes for top 5,000 performers where they would get Rs 750 dining vouchers along with 3 months subscription to

Who are the sponsors of this Code Gladiators 2017 contest?

  • Presenting Sponsors – Deloitte
  • Beat the leader sponsors – Infosys
  • Title Sponsors – IRIS and Pineperks
  • Powered by  – Verizon and Co-sponsors – Hexaware and ABB
  • There are several other sponsors based on other runner-ups and theme champions etc.,

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What are the hidden factors in Code Gladiators 2017 contest?

  • On face of it, it looks Rs 3 Crore prize money, but in reality the maximum prize money for one participant is Rs 2.5 Lakhs only. Rs 3 Crores indicated here is the total prize money and is distributed to various winners plus 5,000 top coders in India.
  • One has to pass default test cases before they submit their code in the live environment. Means, it is not just submitting your code.
  • You would get max of 2 attempts. Maximum markets in these 2 attempts would be considered for your score.
  • Online hackathon contest would start on 5th May and ends on 21st May, 2017. Once you win in online hackathon, 5 teams would be picked-up who need to come to Bengaluru for offline hackathon. Code Gladiator Contest 2017 rules can be read at this link.

Should you participate in this contest?

If you are passionate about coding, one should participate in such contest. This would help for self brand building and if you are lucky, you can get prize money along with certification.

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Rs 3 Crore Code Gladiators 2017 contest

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