10 ways to double your money

10 best ways to double your money india

Ways to double your money An investor keep thinking about the returns he is expecting from a stock market, mutual funds, fixed income investment options, etc. There is another good parameter to look is how he/she can double the money. The period that would take to double your money depends on the returns expected from the investment option. However there […]

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How to achieve financial independence ?

Overview – How to achieve financial independence ? Many of us would be thinking about achieving financial independence at some point of time. There are various ways on achieving the financial independence. What is financial independence? If a person started earning Rs 10 lacs per annum, does this mean he is financial independent?  If a person has accumulated Rs 50 […]

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Shriram City Union Bonds issue in Sep 2012 – Is it a good investment option ?

  Shriram City Union Finance Ltd bonds, Non Convertible Debentures (NCD) – Is this a good investment option? About Shriram City Union Finance Ltd Shriram City Union Finance Ltd is part of Shriram Group. The company is a non banking financial company (NBFC), engaged in the vehicle financing, loans for appliances, personal loans, small business loans and loans against gold. […]

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12 top bank fixed deposits in India offering highest returns for Sep-12

Overview on Various Top bank fixed deposits which are offering highest returns Investments in bank fixed deposit offers fixed returns based on the period of investment.  While this investment option protects the capital, an investor knows the returns he can expect through this investment. Identification of good bank fixed deposit is key for best return on investment. This is one of […]

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IIFL NCD Bonds issue in Sep 2012 – Double your investment in 6 years – Is this a good investment option ?

 India Infoline Finance Limited (IIFL) Redeemable, Non Convertible Debentures (NCD) Overview India Infoline Finance Limited (IIFL) is offering redeemable, non convertible debentures (NCD’s). Issue starts on 5-Sep-12 and ends on 18-Sep-12. Is this a best investment option ? What is India Infoline’s Finance Limited business ? India infoline Finance Limited is a subsidiary of India Infoline Ltd. The Company is […]

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