70 Business Ideas to Start with Low Investment

Business Ideas to Start with Low InvestmentBusiness Ideas to Start with Low Investment

Starting a new business can take a lot of time and money. While most aspiring businessmen can afford to spend time learning and mastering new skills, lack of funds has been often a stumbling block. Please note that some of these ideas can only work if you have the necessary educational qualifications while for others, you may either need access to a computer or need to spend time learning new skills. In this article, we provide you with a list of 70 business ideas that you can start with very low investment. Successful implementation of these business ideas, can potentially earn you on average as $ 2,000 / Rs 130,000 rupees a month.

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Business Ideas to Start with Low Investment in Content Creation

1) Writing – You can start your own blog. But that can take a lot of time to make money. You could instead apply to write for the thousands of established blogs and websites online and get paid.

2) Medical transcription – This is the process of manually processing, voice reports dictated by doctors into text format.

3) Data entry – There is a huge demand for freelance professionals who can gather specific data from secondary sources (like websites and reports) and consolidate them into organized spreadsheets or Word documents.

4) Translation – There is a lot of demand for writers who can translate English content into Indian languages or vice versa.

5) Business plan writing – This service is sought by new business owners who want to prepare business plans that they can use while seeking loans or funds from investors.

6) Technical writing – This is the job of writing technical manuals that provide consumers with the necessary directions and instructions while using a specific product.

7) Legal writing – This is a specific kind of technical writing that lawyers use to provide legal analysis of judgments and court proceedings.

8) Sub-titling – Consumers watching English and foreign language films are on the rise. Subtitling is the process of transcribing these videos into text. This is also used by YouTube channels.

9) Audio transcription – This is similar to subtitling and is used by media institutions to transcribe speeches and seminars in text format.

Business Ideas to Start with Low Investment in Internet Business Segment

10) Web designing – This requires knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and HTML that can be easily learned in a few months.

11) Website setup – Tools like WordPress provide free themes that can help you easily set up websites for businesses. It just takes 30 mts to set-up new websites and you can make good money out of this.

12) eCommerce – Setting up an eCommerce store is easy and also free. But if you don’t have the funds to make your own product or buy from a supplier, consider dropshopping. It’s free and requires no upfront investment.

13) Online courses – You can make money by sharing your knowledge over platforms like Udemy and Kajabi.

14) Online aggregator – Set up an online marketplace where buyers can get quotes from dozens of service providers. For example, you could have a marketplace for wedding caterers. You make money through commissions or for leads generated.

15) Online tutor – Make use of software like Skype to provide real-time online lessons on any subject or skill to learners from across the world.

16) Website broker – Find a website or blog owners who are ready to sell their website and promote it to prospective buyers. Earn commissions for each sale.

Business Ideas to Start with Low Investment in Technology Segment

17) Software testing – Get paid by the hour or for every bug you find in a software or mobile app.

18) Project manager – Are you good at organizing and delegating? Small businesses are always on the lookout for contract project managers who can handle the various stakeholders.

Business Ideas to Start with Low Investment in Local Services

19) Newspaper delivery – New apartments and neighborhoods are cropping up every year in big cities across India. Be the first to set up a delivery system for newspapers and magazines in these new localities.

20) Event management – Partner with photographers, technicians and decorators to set up an event management company. Your job is to coordinate between these various stakeholders.

21) Dog walking – Rich neighborhoods in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore have a lot of demand for pet lovers who can take care of dog walking and grooming. 

22) Insurance Agent – A large segment of the Indian population still does not have an insurance. Educate these consumers and help them buy an insurance. Get paid on commission basis. Becoming LIC Agent could be quick way to become insurance agent and earn commissions.

23) Real estate agent – This market is saturated in established localities, but is critically under-served in emerging new suburbs across major cities in India.

24) Wholesale distributor – You are responsible for sourcing products from product manufacturers and sell it to retail stores. You may be asked to pay a deposit or procure insurance. But manufacturers are often ready to provide their products on credit basis.

25) Food services – Partner with domestic cooks who can prepare food that can then be delivered to office goers.

26) Errand services – Build a network of part-time workers who can perform errands like paying a bill or booking a ticket on behalf of your customers.

27) Pest control – A lot of customers are businesses who pay in advance for such services. So you may not be required to invest money from your own pocket.

28) Product recycling – Consumers upgrade their phones, computers and other electronics all the time. Buy from these users and sell its components to local manufacturers and assemblers.

29) Collection centers – Do you have a store in a busy neighborhood? You can establish a collection center for all the major courier companies that will send their delivery boys to pick up couriers from customers.

30) Used car/bike sales – Find bike and car owners with websites like Olx and help them sell it to willing buyers for a commission.

31) Repair services – Are you good at repairing electrical or electronic items? The product repair market is heavily under-served in many places across India.

32) Babysitting – Are you good with infants? Babysitting is an emerging industry in large cities. You may be required to get proper police verification for this job. You may also build a network of babysitters whom you can coordinate.

33) Photo Printing services – There is always a high demand for printing services. You can also set up a website where customers can upload photos and you can deliver them at their doorstep.

34) Vehicle washing – This is not very profitable when done by yourself. You can however take over contracts from large businesses and apartment complexes and manage a network of part-timers who can clean the vehicles of your customers. One of my friend runs vehicle washing in our area who appointed few assistants and does vehicle washing every day for 50-60 vehicles and earns decent money.

35) Florist services – Florist services are in high demand near religious institutions like temples and churches. They are also highly sought after near colleges and malls that are visited by young people.

36) Elder care – Part-time and full-time elder care is a great need in large cities that have where both spouses work.

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Business Ideas to Start with Low Investment in Sales & Marketing Area

37) OOH coordinator – OOH stands for ‘out of home’ and refers to billboards and graffiti ads. Find property owners who are ready to get paid for advertising and sell the space to interested businesses.

38) Affiliate marketing – Set up a website where you can promote other businesses. Get paid a fee for every customer you refer to their business.

39) Reseller marketing – This is similar to affiliate marketing. But in this case, you are the sole salesman in a specified geography and are responsible for finding new customers from this geography (often your city or state).

40) Facebook marketing – Social media networks are an attractive platform for advertising. You are responsible for growing followers for a business, increase page views and converting these followers into buyers.

41) Ad buyer – Partner with websites that have a lot of traffic and sell their ad space to businesses willing to buy them. Get paid a commission for each transaction.

42) PPC marketer – Handle online advertising for businesses. Your earning is typically a percent of the total ad spend.

43) Email marketing – Your job is to handle email newsletters of your business clients. Email marketers are paid on a monthly basis and success is measured based on the engagement and conversions of newsletter subscribers into paying customers.

44) Telesales – Every business needs a Telesales expert who can call up potential new customers and set up an appointment. You are paid by the hour and this is highly attractive if you get clients from countries like US or UK.

45) SEO – Help business clients improve their rankings on Google search engine. Learning to execute SEO strategies can take a lot of time. But if you master the techniques, then there is very little investment required from your side other than time.

46) Offer Products Online – eCommerce websites are always looking for models who can showcase their products online. If you don’t want to model yourself, you can also find young models and work as a contractor.

47) Flyer and brochure designing – Design brochures and flyers for business. Once again, this needs a knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

Business Ideas to Start with Low Investment in Travel Segment

48) Travel Agent – Partner with large corporates and be responsible for handling the ticket and hotel booking of their employees.

49) Airbnb host – Do you have a property that you can rent out? Airbnb is a great platform to do this. You may also find vacant properties that you can offer on Airbnb in exchange for a monthly retainer fee from property owners.

50) Contract Door Keeper – Airbnb and service apartments need janitors who can take care of cleaning the flats once a customer check out. Partner with cleaners who can handle the job and get paid for each project.

51) On call Drivers – Do you have a driver’s license? Call drivers are needed to ferry school kids to and from their home. They are also requested by senior citizens who may not know to drive.

Business Ideas to Start with Low Investment in Entrepreneurship Area

52) Virtual assistant – Partner with successful entrepreneurs who need an assistant to organize their day, set up meetings and respond to emails.

53) Product photo-shooting – Do you have a camera? Your job involves partnering with store owners, restaurants and property owners to capture photos of their products/properties that can then be put up online for customers.

54) Freelance recruiting – You are responsible for inviting job applications, processing the applicants and conducting the first round of interview before passing them to to the business. Get paid by the hour.

55) Customer support – Serve as a freelance customer support executive who is responsible for handling support issues from customers.

56) PR manager – Be responsible for distributing press releases and talking to journalists to help your clients get media visibility.

57) Reputation coordinator – Monitor online reviews on behalf of businesses and respond to negative reviews in order to sort out issues that can otherwise harm your client’s brand.

58) Copyrights manager – Partner with photographers and book publishers and be responsible for monitoring the unauthorized use of these assets on third party blogs and websites.

59) Surveys coordinator – Be responsible for conducting surveys and other forms of market research to help businesses understand their customers better.

Business Ideas to Start with Low Investment in Finance Segment

60) Payroll management – Be responsible for timely payment of your client’s employees. Your job may also involve receiving payments from vendors and clearing invoices from suppliers.

61) Contract management – You are responsible for drafting contracts, identifying potential issues and talking to your client’s lawyer to fix them.

62) Wealth manager – This is similar to stock trading except that you are responsible for handling the wealth of your clients. Get paid by the hour or as a percentage of the wealth generated.

63) Bookkeeping – If you have an accounting degree, you can take up  bookkeeping for freelancers, small and medium enterprises who may not have a full-time accountant.

Business Ideas to Start with Low Investment in Education Segment

64) Tutoring – Organize tuition classes for students and also for music or dance learners.

65) Spoken English training – Do you have a good grasp of English? Spoken English training is in high demand in small towns. You can also set up a YouTube channel for tech learners online.

66) Resume editor – Help job applicants draft the most attractive resumes for their job applications. Get paid for every resume you build.

67) Nutritionist – Young people are getting increasingly health-conscious. Serve as a nutritionist and help them find the most balanced diet based on their needs. You may need to acquire a certification for this role.

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Business Ideas to Start with Low Investment in Media Segment

68) Freelance reporter – This is a great business opportunity if you are located in a small town where large media houses don’t have a full-time reporter. Be responsible for sharing news from your town.

69) Freelance photographer – Be responsible for visiting local events and capturing photos for media channels.

70) Art broker – Rich industrialists and large businesses routinely procure art as a form of investment. Be responsible for coordinating with artists and buying on behalf of your clients.

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70 Business Ideas to Start with Low Investment

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