Birla Sun Life Insurance – KhudKoKarBuland – Inspiring video

Birla Sun Life Insurance – KhudKoKarBuland – Inspiring video

Couple of weeks ago, a friend, Mr. Ramaswamy has passed away at just 40 years age. While he was able to earn a decent income, he could not do much by way of savings. There was almost no plan drawn by him to save his family from future expenses and his kids' education in his absence. I recalled a video from Birla Sun Life Insurance with title “KhudKoKarBuland”which was released a few weeks back. This video runs for less than 2 minutes, but yet gives a powerful message. What is this KhudKoKarBuland all about? How is this video inspiring many viewers in taking their first step in financial planning? How could Mr. Ramaswamy have done better in financial planning?

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  • KhudKoKarBuland theme refers to “Be your own strength”.
  • In our lifestyle, destiny is unstoppable. You may get into various surprises in life. You would get so many tests in life. However, we can do something beyond just accepting it.
  • There could be uncertainties. But one can yet emerge stronger by experiencing them and taking the right steps to be prepared to face anything.
  • I feel whatever savings you do along with the plan, you would be able to face difficulties better.

I can only wish that Mr. Ramaswamy had taken an insurance plan to safeguard his family. In his absence, his family would not have faced financial problems. His kids' education would have gone smoothly.

I liked this video theme. We need to prepare our family for the uncertainties in tomorrow. I keep educating several times on this blog is that, you just need to make the first step. This way you are protecting your family. They would be able to fulfill financial goals even in your absence with such planning.

Readers, have you watched this powerful 2 minute video? How well you are planning to face the challenges in life? How are you planning to protect your family in your absence?

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Suresh KP


  1. Yes , I agree with Suresh! He specifically mentioned ” Term Insurance”, which should be the very first priority of any earning member. Second , of-course, should be the Medical Insurance of whole family. Third, perhaps safe instruments like PPF…..and then only one should think and plan for wealth creation…

  2. Financial planning is very important but wealth creation by insurance story is nothing but mis leading information

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