Best Akshaya Tritiya Offers for 2018 to buy gold or silver or diamonds

Best Akshaya Tritiya Offers for 2018 to buy gold or silver or diamondsBest Akshaya Tritiya Offers for 2018 to buy gold or silver or diamonds

Akshaya Tritiya is considered as auspicious day to buy gold or silver. Many of us believe that buying gold or silver on Akshaya Tritiya day would yield good results in future. Considering them, many jewellery makers and online shopping portals are offering Akshaya Tritiya Offers in 2018 with discounts and additional benefits. Which are the Best Akshaya Tritiya Offers for 2018 to buy gold or silver or diamonds? What precautions one should take before buying gold / silver  /diamond during this Akshaya Tritiya in 2018?

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Precautions to be taken before buying gold this Akshaya Tritiya for 2018

1) Check for gold Hallmark

Before buying any gold or gold jewellery remember to check the hallmark. It is always better to check for gold purity as it determines its true worth. The BIS – Bureau of Indian Standards is the authorised agency that hallmarks gold jewellery, and ascertains gold purity. Every hallmarked jewellery will have a number attached to it, a BIS stamp, its karats, hallmarking year (represented alphabetically), jeweller's identification mark etc.,

2) Check best Akshaya Tritiya Gold Offer suitable to you

During this festival season, many jewellery brands offering huge discounts on making charges during 2-3 weeks period. The price of any piece of gold jewellery varies from one gold store to another one. Before buying, take a check about prices, consider the differing making charges and the discounts provided on them, and make an informed decision.

3) Are you investor or buying ornaments for spouse / daughter?

If you want to buy gold for investment, you can go for Sovereign Gold Bonds 2018 which would provide you 2.5% interest rates. This scheme is opened now for subscription. If you're looking at buying physical gold as an investment, then opting for gold coins or biscuits or bars would be another best alternative idea.

4) Avoid going for studded ornaments

Studded ornaments are generally more expensive than a regular gold one. Stones that would get added to the jewellery's beauty, would lower the value of an gold ornament. They incur high making charges but when you want to sell them, you would get lower value than what you purchased. Hence one should always check and avoid Studded ornaments.

Best Akshaya Tritiya Offers for 2018 to buy gold or silver or diamonds

1) Akshaya Tritiya Offers from

Here are the details of the offers from Amazon.

Upto 15% discount on gold coins.

5% to 20% off on all gold jewellery (22 KT).

20% to 60% off on all diamond jewellery.

10%+ off on Puja Articles purchased during the offer.

Silver coins are provided with 10%+ discounts.

This offer is available only till Akshaya Tritiya period.

2) Akshaya Tritiya Offers from Flipkart

Here are the details of the offers on

Upto 5% discount on gold coins or gold bars.

30% to 70% off on all diamond jewellery

Minimum 30% off on silver jewellery.

Upto 50% off on Puja Articles purchased during the offer.

Upto 50% off on Platinum Jewellery.

This offer is available only till Akshaya Tritiya period.

3) Akshaya Tritiya Offers from Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Malabar gold and diamonds offers free gold coin for every purchase of Rs 15,000 gold or diamond jewellery. If you purchase over Rs 30,000, you would get 2 gold coins. It also offers 5% value of gift card for every purchase made for Rs 15,000 and above. This offer is valid from 1-Apr-2018 to 25-Apr-2018.  There are certain terms and conditions apply if you want to avail this offer.

4) Akshaya Tritiya Offers from Tanishq

Tanishq offers up to 25% off on making charges of gold and diamond jewellery value till 18th April 2018. The brand’s new collection Mangalam offers a wide range of designs starting from Rs 10,000 and one can upgrade their old jewellery by exchanging and getting 100 per cent value on their older gold jewellery.

5) Akshaya Tritiya Offers from Om Jewellers

Om Jewellers is offering a 51% discount on making charges on all ornaments, which include gold, platinum and uncut diamond jewellery, and zero making on IGI certified diamond jewellery.

6) PC Jewellers Akshaya Tritiya Offers

Kolkata’s leading PC jeweller is offering gold coins to customers who purchase jewellery during Akshaya Tritiya. The offer is valid till 22nd April. One can assuredly get a gold coin on every purchase across their showrooms in India.

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7) Jos Alukkas Akshaya Tritiya Offers

Jos Alukkas provides free gold coin for every jewellery booking of over Rs 25,000. They are also providing gold coing for silver jewellery booking of over Rs 50,000.

Conclusion: First decide what is your objective. If your objective is to accumulate gold for future or accumulate gold for your daughter marriage, you can opt for Sovereign Gold Bonds of April 2018. If you still want to buy physical gold, do thorough check for best deal before opting for such Akshaya Tritiya 2018 offers.

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Best Akshaya Tritiya Offers for 2018 to buy gold or silver or diamonds


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