Announcement of best appreciation and best criticism winners

Announcement of best appreciation and best criticism winners

We got several responses about our contest.

  • However a few only has posted directly on the article.
  • Some posted without following guidelines (they are not approved and they are not appearing on the blog)
  • Some of them responded to our email ID directly.
  • Some of them responded to email stating that they are already providing comments on some of the articles and is there any need to post specifically on this.

Considering all these comments, only a few could qualify in this contest. Instead of choosing 2 from each category, now I choose only 1 from each category due to incomplete responses. Every criticism and suggestion would be analyzed and will be considered for improvement in the next 1-2 months. We would appreciate for your time for participating in the contest.

Happy investing in 2013.



Best appreciation comments – Vivek Soni, New Delhi

Hear what Soni says,

“There are lots of Financial Planners in the market but "My Investment Ideas" is different since it provided sincere and immediate advice to its readers. Interaction and advice to the clients is not motivated by the money factor but provides a deep insight of the factual position of the financial product. Their recommendations about the Equity and Mutual funds is not only logical and based on entire market situation rather than its legacy/history and the brand image. It is one of the sites/blogs which advices retail investors to create wealth rather than speculating in the risky stock market. My congratulations to Mr. Suresh for providing right advice to investors and wish him all the best in his future ventures.

Best criticism comments – Arunkumar

Arunkumar says

“The blog may look interesting for the new users who don’t read other blogs but it doesnt attract me all the times. I follow , and some other blogs. So sometime I feel the information you are giving is already discussed in their websites. So do research deeply and try to publish the post on topics which are not discussed in other blogs and do the post on new things/arrivals as early as possible( at least before other bloggers) . This will make us to show interest on your blogs instead of getting bored with known information”.

Thanks Vivek Soni and Arunkumar

Suresh KP


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