8 Ways to stay within your budget, when you go for shopping

It is very difficult to control the expenses when we for shopping. Just observe, we would be spending more than what we have planned.

8 Ways to stay within your budget, when you go for shopping.
1) Plan it: 
Prepare the list of items you want to buy and have an approximate cost on each item. This way you are fixing the tight budget.
2) Check the prices:  Try checking online about the items you wanted to buy and their prices
3) Shop around: Always compare the price with competitors before buying anything. Do not come to conclusion to buy immediately
4) Buy what you want: Buy the items what you have planned. Do not buy the items which are outside your list which will increase your budget for the day.
5) Internet shopping: If you are doing internet shopping, try getting coupons and promotional codes.


                                                  6) Check merchant websites: Check merchant website for good offers and discounts
7) Seasonal specials: Try buying the items during seasonal sales. You would get special offers during this time
8) Avoid convenience: Convenience is not cheap, so do not expect that you get the product cheap at your convenience. Try searching the product various places where it available for cheap prices

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