6 good trading strategies to benefit from Forex currency day trading

6 good trading strategies to benefit from Forex currency day trading which is one of the best investment option

What is forex currency trading ? Forex currency trading is online trading of purchasing and selling forex currency pairs. The forex currency pairs can be USD/EUR; EUR/USD etc., the quotation EUR/USD 1.25 refers that one Euro is exchanged (Buy or sell) for 1.25 US Dollars. There are many forex trading brokers who offer trading platforms like iforex.com, forextrading.com, easy-forex.com etc.,

Below are the 6 good trading strategies to benefit from forex day trading which is one of the best investment option in my opinion

  1. Going short after rapid upward movement: If you observe in case there are any rapid upward movement, the price may not stay up for longer time. Majority of the cases the price would fall. So your strategy should be going short (Sell the forex currency pair) during the rapid upward movement. Once the price gets settled, you can buy back the forex currency and book profits. Out of the 10 tradings I have done using this strategy, I have gained for 7 tradings
  2. Profit just after break-even: Adopt a strategy where in you book profit immediately after the break-even. Do not wait for larger profits. Though the profits are smaller in number, the larger number of such trades would provide handsome profit for the day.
  3. Choose right time for trading: Just observe the forex market during Asian time for Eur/USD pair, there is very less trading. However if you observe the same during London/US time, it would be trading with high volatility (Up & Downs). Choose such trading time as one of the strategy to benefit within minutes instead of spending hours
  4. Day sentiments: Just watch the global economy and local currency sentiments. If Euro is weakening for the day, you can either sell Euro or buy USD  (Euro is weakening and Dollar is strengthening)
  5. Adopt strict Stop-Loss strategy: Fix up your stop loss limit based on your risk tolerance. Once your stop loss is hit, do not make fresh investments immediately to cover up the losses. You may end up in making huge losses for the day. During my learning stage, I lost UD 20 and to cover this up I invested USD 80 and I lost all of them in a single day.
  6. Learning curve: Try all above strategies for 2-3 months continuously and write the lessons learnt by you in this. You need to modify them in case the assumptions made by you are wrong.  

Conclusion: Pick up a note book and start the forex day trading “on paper” before you make any investment. Once you are familiar in 2-3 months and you know the risk tolerance level, you can start direct investment in forex trading and make profits. This is one of the best and good investment option one can look for.

Readers, are you doing Forex day trading? If so, are you gaining from this or losing the money? Please give your comments

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Suresh KP


  1. Thanks for sharing such an detailed blog. Diversification of one’s portfolio owing to more than one type of currency traded is one of the benefits of currency trading.

  2. Hi,

    Hope you are doing gud… I am very much intrested in forex trading and want to now all d basics required to start the forex trading. I am still  toddler. Please suggest me some gud websites. On one of the sites I have read that forex trading is illegal in India is it true. Please guide me.


    1. Hi Prithvi, If forex trading is illegal, then how forex companies are able to advertise in India and spending Crores of rupees. Regd forex trading, there are several website which are offering this service like iforex etc. I have personally done the trading and made some good money, however I was greedy and lost money too. I felt it is not my cup of tea. 

  3. Mr. Suresh Good Day How are you…hope doing good,  

    I want to request  you to clarify some doubts in FOREX trading.

    1.I can keep the forex trade  open till 
    i want to make good benifits for 1 weelk or 1 month with the stop loss or profit is set 0.0000

    2.what will happen if i done the above method.

    3.can i trade like this for example: eurusd i buy for 1.3066 yesterday and today its is 1.3180 so, we can see some difference am i allowed to keep my trade open for more than days wihtout close it.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Prashant, I am fine and hope you are doing good by increasing your wealth by investing in best investments. Your strategy may not work .I was trading in similar fasion last year and kept it as open and lost USD 20 in single trade. This would happen especially when the global market is not under control. With so many international forex traders in place, it would be difficult to see where the market is headed and with this strategy, sometimes we may benefit, but I felt majority of the times, we would be looser.

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