3 ways to make money through twitter

About Making money through Twitter

Are you a social networking person? Do you have several fans and followers? Then the business I am going to talk about is right one for you. Making money through twitter is an existing concept. There are several ways for making money through Twitter.

What is twitter?

Twitter is a social networking site where millions of twitter accounts are created and millions of tweets run every week. You can follow some one for appropriate updates (say mutual funds, stocks)  or someone can follow you for the information/news/fun/updates (they are called followers). What you intend to say in twitter is called "Tweet". If you have a good followers (who are following you and expecting good updates from you on whatever you write/publish), then this is the right platform for you to make money through twitter.

What is required for making money through twitter?

  1. Signup for Twitter: You need to have a twitter account. If you do not have a twitter account, sign-up now.
  2. Sponsored tweets: You need to sign-up for sponsoredtweets.com so that they can sponsor the ads. Signing up is free, so you need not spend a dollar for this
  3. Signup for additional websites which also offers the ads on Twitter like Mylikes.com; Twittad.com; TraffUp.com; Twiends.com. They are free and you are not going to spend a dollar for them.

3 ways to make money through twitter

  1. Sponsored Tweets: You need to signup for sponsoredtweets.com. Once you sign-up you need to set-up the price-per-click-ads that you tweet. The ads gets updated regularly and you can choose some of them regularly. There are guidelines to sign-up for this. You should have 50 followers, 100 tweets and your twitter account should be atleaset two months old.
  2. Mylikes.com: This is similar to sponsoredtweets.com where you can choose ads and earn money. One advantage is the payment to us would get done weekly and per click ad would be around $ 0.50.
  3. Adly.com: Here this is another good site to earn money from twitter. Unlike other sites where you will get paid when some one clicks, here advertisers choose your account, based on potential followers you have and run a advertisement compaign and you get paid on a lumpsum amount. Unless you have good number of followers and tweets, your earnings through this would be limited. If you have good followers, you can earn good money.

Conclusion: Earning money through twitter is easy in case you have a good networking and you have a good fan followings. Identifying suitable tweets and using your network effectively would provide good earning opportunities.

Readers, do you have good fan followers ? If so, are you aware of the revenue opportunies and do you earn any money through twitter or facebook ? Please give your comments

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Suresh KP


  1. dear suresh sir

    i m a engineering student and i have 24h net connection so plz tell me

    can i make money by uploading new bollywood movies on youtub.com  yes or no if yes i can make then please tell me how i get money by uploading movies(process of gettin money in my account)


    1. Leeladhar, If you have copyrights to upload the movies you can do that. Please see this article where you can make money through Youtube. Upload genuine and self owned videos and you can surely make money. http://www.allbusinessideas.com/10-creative-ways-to-make-money-through-youtube/

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