3 ways to earn money online through YouTube

Overview about YouTube.com

One of the ways to earn money through online is earning money through YouTube. YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share the videos. YouTube is created in 2005 by 3 Paypal employees. Currently it has billions of videos and any one can search and view them. You may require small investment for purchasing video recorder and video editing softwares. This is one of the best investment option one can look for to convert hobbies into money.

 How to start?

  1. Create an account in YouTube and start uploading the videos you own them.
  2. Ensure that the videos you upload are unique and are not copied from anywhere
  3. Create videos with your own ideas and creativity
  4. The videos need to be uploaded into a particular channel (categorizing them like entertainment, business, life style, health etc.)
  5. There are several people who are earning 5 digit revenues by uploading videos to YouTube.

3 ways to earn money through YouTube.com

There are various ways to earn money through YouTube. Some of the main ways are provided below

  1. YouTube partnering: You can earn money by becoming YouTube partner. However you should satisfy some conditions (which includes country specific) to become the partner. YouTube displays ads on your videos while user views them and makes the money through these Ads. Revenue is shared to user based on certain guidelines.



    1. Video Views: YouTube partners would make $ 2.5 to $ 5 per 1000 video views. The rate paid by YouTube depends on how popular you are? If you are popular star and created a good video and have 1 mn views, you earn $ 2,500+.
    2. Subscribers: If you attract subscribers and if they sign-up for your account in YouTube, $ 0.05 per subscriber is paid to the YouTube partner. If you have 10,000 subscribers, you get paid for $ 500+
    3. Channel Views: YouTube partners would get $ 0.01 per channel views. If your channel (group of videos) views are 100,000 then, you would get $ 1,000+. Sounds interesting right?
  2. Direct Ads on videos: If you have become popular star and there is good demand for your videos, you can put direct ads on your videos. Your ad may be at the bottom or at the right of the video. However one needs to work on directly approaching companies for getting direct Ads. Another way is approaching affiliate marketing agencies for getting the Ads.
  3. Advertising for own products: If you have website or blog or you want to promote your own products, you can create a video and upload in YouTube. Thought you would not get paid directly, your product is promoted through this and you would incur less advertising costs on your website/blog/product.

Conclusion: There are several people who are earning $ 1,000+ per month. If you have creativity, your hobbies can be converted into videos and can be uploaded to YouTube. If you can follow some basic rules on how targeting the audience, then earning a thousand dollars is not a impossible one.

Readers, in your opinion, what are the other ways of earning money through YouTube?  Please share your ideas.

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