10 Romantic and Less expensive gift ideas for your girlfriend or wife

10 Romantic and Less expensive gift ideas for your girlfriend or wife

Gone are the days where a rose flower would use to please your wife or girlfriend. With increasing costs, most of us (including me) scared of expensive gift ideas. However, I have collected some of the romantic and less expensive gift ideas which can be given to a girl friend or wife.

1) Home town tourism: How many times your wife would have asked to take her for trip? You would have scared for the expenses to be incurred for the tour. However you can surprise your wife or girlfriend by taking them to home town tourism. Check your local tourism spots and take them for a day out with a surprise. I am sure they would get thrilled with this.

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2) Trip to a memorable place: If you have visited any places with your girlfriend or wife, which are memorable, you can consider taking them to such tours some times. The cost involved may be small, but going to such memorable places would surely bring a smile on your partner.

3) Favorite food: Do you know, what your wife or girlfriend likes most. It should be a unique food or sweet or any other food item which is not taken regularly. My wife likes Basundhi (a special sweet). When-ever I want to please my wife, I would get this special sweet. What is your favorite food of your girlfriend or wife?  

4) Gift a chocolate box: Generally women like chocolates. You can collect variety of chocolates and put them in a box and give as a gift. Such gift chocolate boxes are also available in stores, bakery shops etc.. Such small gifts would make them happy and your relationship would build stronger.

5) Gift a basket: You can give a personalized gift basket which contains bath products, hair products, beauty products, perfume etc. You can take help of family member or friend to collect them. This idea would help them to know how much care you would take for them.

6) Gift a scrap book: Create a scrap book and gift them to your wife or girlfriend and I am sure this idea would touch their heart. You can add sentimental pictures of two of you together, write memorable places, love quotes etc.

7) Gift her a personalized CD/DVD: Does your girl friend or wife likes A.R Rehman music? You can collect all such music, movies and memorable videos on a CD/DVD and gift her to your girlfriend and wife. Such unique things would definitely bring a big smile on them.  

8) Gift her a Saree: South Indian women generally ware Saree. But how many times you have selected a particular saree for your wife or girlfriend. After they select, they would ask for your second opinion. You can alone and select a Saree which you like and gift them. I am sure they would get thrilled. It need not be that they would like it, but the thought it would remain in their mind is about an unexpected-gift from their partner would thrill them.

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9) Gift something related to their hobbies: Does your girl friend or wife likes mehandi designs or painting or hand-crafts. Then your job is bit easy. Go and buy some books relating to that. You can buy some items relating to such hobbies and gift them.

10) Gift a photo mug: This is a latest trend now. You can gift a mug printed with your girl friend or wife photo. There are several people who are offering this service in shopping malls or cine malls. This would not cost you much. Word of caution, don't print your girl friend photo on a mug and gift such gift to wife 🙂

Conclusion: The idea here is not give less expensive gifts to them. Giving something unique gifts with less costs, would always bring happiness in them.

Dear Readers, what other less expensive gift ideas you have planned for your wife or girlfriend. I would love you hear from you.

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Romantic and Less expensive gift ideas for your girlfriend or wife

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