Top Monthly Income Plan (MIP) MF’s to invest for 2014

Top-Monthly-Income-Plan-Mutual funds

Top Monthly Income Plan/Scheme (MIP) MF’s to invest for 2014 Monthly Income Plan/Scheme (MIP) mutual funds work similar to debt funds, yet they provide regular income by means of dividends. If you are a senior citizen or individual looking for regular dividend income, you can consider monthly income plan mutual funds under your portfolio. In this article, I would discuss about monthly income plan, their features, how they are tax efficient and some of the top monthly income plan mutual […]

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Monthly Income Plans (MIP) in mutual funds – who should invest?

Monthly Income Plans (MIP) in mutual funds–Who should invest?

Monthly Income Plans (MIP) in mutual funds – Who should invest? Monthly income plans (MIP) in mutual funds are like debt mutual funds where it pays fixed income by way of dividends. Monthly income plans are becoming famous year on year. Features of Monthly Income Plans (MIP) Fixed income not guaranteed: Thought its primary objective is to provide regular fixed income, there is no guarantee that such plans would provide regular income as the returns would depend on the investment […]

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Top 8 Monthly Income Plans (MIP) – best dividend Mutual funds

Best monthly Income Plan - MIP - best dividend mutual funds

Monthly Income Plan (MIP) in Mutual funds Monthly income plans (MIP) in mutual funds are alternatives to fixed deposits and post office Monthly income scheme (MIS). These mutual funds provide monthly income by way of dividends based on the performance of the mutual fund. Hence identifying best dividend mutual funds is key for the success of this investment option. About Monthly Income Plan (MIP) in mutual funds These are dividend mutual funds which invest largely in bank fixed deposits, bonds, […]

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