Post office savings schemes – Complete guide

Post office small saving schemes India

Post office saving schemes revised interest rates from 1-Apr-2014 Last week, Finance Ministry has revised the interest rates on post office saving schemes in India. These revised interest rates on post office schemes would come into effect from 1st April, 2014. The rate hike decision is in line with the recommendation given by Shyamala Gopinath committee, which they felt that such hike in rates for small saving schemes will make these schemes more attractive and sync with market rates. Here […]

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Is Post office Term Deposit better than bank fixed deposit?

Post office Term deposit better than bank fixed deposit

Corrected: 20-Jan-2013 Post office Term Deposit better than bank fixed deposit? Post office offers variety of small saving schemes. One among is Term deposit. Post office term deposit is similar to bank fixed deposit. However, there are several features associated term deposit offered by Post office. What is Post office term deposit? Post office offers term deposits for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 5 years period. Any investor who wants to invest a lump sum amount for such […]

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Best Investment Options – Small Saving Schemes in India

  Overview Small savings schemes in India are offered by the Indian Post Offices across the country which offer safe and it is an attractive investment option. Below are the major small saving schemes and their features.  Post Office Monthly Income Schemes Interest rate of 8.5% p.a payable monthly Maturity period is 5 years. No tax deduction at source (TDS). No tax rebate is applicable.  National Savings Certificates (NSC) NSC VIII Issue (5 year) – Interest rate of 8.6% p.a […]

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