Best Investment Options – 5 Steps to pickup the right and best mutual funds

Quick overview about Mutual Funds Mutual Funds pool money from several investors and invest in Stocks, Bonds, Money market instruments and other Govt Securities.  There are various types of Mutual Funds and there are several Mutual Fund schemes in each category  Various Mutual Funds Equity – These mutual funds invest majority of the money (upto 80%) in Equity shares (Stocks). Only upto 20% of its amount is invested in Bonds and Govt Securities. They generally fluctuate highly based on the […]

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Best Investment Options – 3 Ways to invest in Gold

Overview about Investments in Gold An investment in gold has given very good return over years. Whether one is rich or middleclass or poor, everyone likes to invest in gold. Gold can be purchased either physical gold (Gold coins and Gold Bars) or purchasing ETF’s  / Mutual Funds. Gold investments gave return of 1300% in the last 12 years. See the below table to see how the gold investments gave the returns in the last few years.    Gold history […]

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Best Investment Options – Small Saving Schemes in India

  Overview Small savings schemes in India are offered by the Indian Post Offices across the country which offer safe and it is an attractive investment option. Below are the major small saving schemes and their features.  Post Office Monthly Income Schemes Interest rate of 8.5% p.a payable monthly Maturity period is 5 years. No tax deduction at source (TDS). No tax rebate is applicable.  National Savings Certificates (NSC) NSC VIII Issue (5 year) – Interest rate of 8.6% p.a […]

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