1. I have Zerodha account. The technical glitch makes loss sometimes. A glitch-free good trading platform is most important for active traders.

  2. TradingBells has a very good referral policy and I am earning extra income from it without much effort by just referring my colleagues. The trading platform is good and their brokerage is the lowest in India.

  3. Just pay RS.500 and open trading account with zero AMC for life. Plus they provide research tips. This is what made me open an account with TradingBells. Definitely worth a try.

  4. Hi, I am quite Satisfied with the product TradingBells is offering at low cost.Some of their features are AMC free D-mat account,Non cash limits on your holdings, margin funding for future has immensely helped me to boost my trading strategy in derivatives. I dont like investing in IPO’s finally due to there money management suggestion and IPO funding facility……I just invest without any capital ,if they say a IPO is worth bidding.

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