How to download Home Loan Interest Certificate for Tax Proofs submission?

How to download Home Loan Interest CertificateHow to download Home Loan Interest Certificate?

If you have taken home loan, it is time for you to submit your Income Tax Certificate of home loan to your payroll department. While the process of downloading the IT certificate is simple, many are facing challenges and approaching the bank / financial institution in person. This can be avoided and home loan interest IT certificate can be downloaded at the click of a button online. In this article we would provide How to download home loan interest IT certificate from various banks and financial institutions.

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About Home Loan Interest Certificate

If you have taken home loan, you are eligible for home loan interest exemption up to Rs 2 Lakhs. Even the home loan principal can be claimed u/s 80c exemption up to Rs 1.5 Lakhs in a financial year. Generally in January/February, corporates would approach their employees and ask them to submit tax proofs for the tax savings declarations submitted earlier. If you have declared a loss from house property by showing home loan interest, you need to submit this certificate to claim tax exemption. If you do not submit this on time, your payroll department would add back such amount in your net income and deduct income tax in Feb/March salary.

What details are required to download Home Loan Interest Certificate?

You need to have Loan account number, bank account no from where the EMI is processed, Loan amount and monthly EMI values handy.

We would provide step by step details on how to download home loan interest certificate from SBI, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, LIC Housing Finance and HDFC. If you have taken home loan from other banks or financial institution, this would still provide some guidance in terms of the steps to follow.

How to download Home Loan Interest Certificate from SBI?

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Here are the steps:

1) Login to your SBI internet banking

2) Visit inquiries tab

3) Click on Home Loan Int Cert (Prov)

4) Select the loan account number

5) You can view and download online or print

How to download Home Loan Interest Certificate from ICICI Bank or ICICI Home Finance?

The process of downloading home loan certificate from ICICI Bank and ICICI Home Finance is same.

1) Visit ICICI Bank link

2) Click on “Continue to login”

3) Enter Home Loan Account number

4) Enter any two of the following: Date of birth, account number from where the EMI is getting debited, Loan Amount and EMI amount.

5) Click on Provisional IT Certificate and you can download it. Since financial year is not yet closed, you need to take provisional IT certificate only. You can download the final interest certificate, but it would be till your last EMI paid date only which is not useful.

I tried this for one of my friend and couple of times it shows that your details cannot be retrieved and asked us to contact the branch. However were successful when we tried by entering two other options (only 2 details to be entered out of 4).

How to download Home Loan Interest Certificate from HDFC?

Here is the process.

1) Visit HDFC link

2) Enter your home loan account number and Date of birth

3) You would OTP on your mobile or email

4) You would view the loan account number and loan value along with “view details” option. If you have multiple loan accounts, you can select the appropriate one

5) Click on Request à Income Tax Certificate à Select financial year à Click on View. It would display the IT certificate. You can download it.

How to download home loan interest certificate from axis bank?

Here is the process.

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1) Visit Axis Bank link

2) Enter mobile number and captcha. Ensure you enable popups as home loan interest rate would be downloaded in separate window through pop-up.

3) You would get OTP

4) Select loan account and financial year and click submit

You can view your home loan interest certificate on Axisbank website which you can download it.

You can also follow below process on internet banking or mobile app of Axis Bank.

Internet Banking : Click on Accounts > Select Loans > Select View Interest Certificate from the drop down

Axis Mobile App : Click on Loans > Click on Request Statement > Click on Interest Certificate

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How to download Home Loan Interest Certificate from LIC Housing Finance Limited (LIC HFL)?

Here is the process.

1) Visit LIC HFL link

2) You can login with user name if registered, else click on the Login with Loan No. Enter loan number and date of birth.

3) This would take you to the dashboard.

4) Visit Activities tab and click Repay certificate

3) Select loan number, financial year and click on view

4) You can print this to PDF and download online

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