Latest interest rates of company FD (Fixed deposits)-Apr-2013

Latest interest rates of company FD (Fixed deposits)-Apr-13

Latest interest rates of company FD (Fixed deposits)-Apr-2013

Among the fixed income investment options, company FD schemes provide higher interest rates comparing to bank fixed deposits schemes. Bank fixed deposits are offering interest rates up to 9% p.a. However if we see latest interest rates on company FD, the interest rates are from 8.50% to 12.50% p.a.

Mahindra FD schemes are offering 12%+ annualised yield. Last week SRS group announced that it is offering FD schemes for 3 year period where the annualized yield is 15.07% p.a.

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There are several companies which are offering company fixed deposit schemes for 1 year to 5 years period. The interest rate varies from company to company. Investors believe that, the higher the interest rates for company fixed deposits, the greater the risk in investing such fixed deposits. Since companies may not gain confidence among investors over a period of time and offer highest interest rates to attract fixed deposits.

Hence, one need to be little cautious before investing in such company fixed deposits which are offering highest interest rates, unless the financials of the company are thoroughly reviewed.

Below are the latest interest rates on company FD (fixed deposits) as on 13-Apr-2013. We have provided major companies FD details

Latest interest rates of company FD (Fixed deposits)-Apr-2013

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Latest interest rates of company FD (Fixed deposits)

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  1. Hi suresh

    Could you please explain me the drawbacks of company FD's? The data you provided is based on past performances or can one be sure to get these interest ( or something around of it) in future?

    1. Hiren, pls see this article you would know positives and negatives. The interest rates are like bank FD rates. Once they promise, they need to pay the investors.



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