Wonderla Holidays IPO subscribed 38 times-Who recommended first?

Wonderla Holidays IPO subscribed 38 times-Who recommended first?

When I have written an article on Wonderla Holidays IPO on 14th April, 2014 recommending to invest, there were several doubts and questions raised by some of the readers. On 3rd day which is the last date for subscription of Wonderla Holidays IPO, it subscribed for 38 times. I am not surprised with this. However as I indicated in my analysis, it has some risks. Considering such risks, investors would have felt that they can bet on such IPO and get good returns in long run. Myinvestmentideas.com recommended this on 14th April, 2014 where as all top financial websites were lagging behind recommending this.

Who recommended this IPO and when ?

  • Myinvestmentideas.com recommended this IPO to invest on 14-April-2014
  • Stockmusings.com – 16-April-2014
  • Puneinvest.com – 20-April-2014
  • Goodreturns.com – 20-April-2014
  • Fernando (Top Critic) at Moneycontrol.com – 21-April-14
  • IIFL recommended on 21-April-2014
  • Nirmal Bang recommended on 21-April-2014
  • Motilal Oswal recommended on 22-April-14
  • Ajcon Global recommended on 22-April-2014
  • Onemint.com – 22-April-2014

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Wonderla Holidays IPO subscribed 38 times

Suresh KP


  1. Any idea when this will be listed in Stock exchanges? I would like to buy few shares once it is listed.

  2. What is probability for allocation of share if subscription is 38 time in term of 100 share for A retail investor bought on max price. Any specific approach or rule used for any new IPO allocation.

  3. Yours is a first blog I open daily when I login into my laptop. You provide really useful information in your articles to decide a better investment options. Keep doing wonderful job!

    1. Thank you Neeraj. Keep criticizing me in case you feel there are any errors or if I am not doing well. This is how my blog reached at this stage. If you like our blog, give me a FB like 🙂

  4. Tku for the article.
    Awaiting for your articles for future issues also.
    It is very much helpful for the persons like me to
    know about these types of IPO.

    For Mutual Funds also these type of article with analysis
    will be very fruitful to go for proper investments.

    Regards with a request to keep it up

    1. Nagarajan, Thanks for your feedback. There is difference between IPO (Stock) and NFO (Mutual fund). In IPO we know the company performance and pros and cons. In NFO, it is new mutual fund scheme and performance cannot be judged. When you know there are top schemes which are doing well which I keep recommending on this blog, why do you need to go for NFO’s ? I hope I answered your query. Pls give me a FB like if you like our blog.

  5. Great analysis, well done. How about Loha Ispat IPO which was also recommended with risks of course ???

    1. Nanmith, You are clever. I don’t mind accepting any mistake from my side. If you see QIB portion was oversubscribed, however retail portion was under subscribed. What I felt good need not be of the same opinion for others too. I still feel it was a good bet. Keep critising me in case you feel any thing wrong in my recomendations, I can correct myself. 

      1. Hi Suresh

        No criticism at all. Just an observation thats it. You are doing a wonderful job. No one is perfect and always right, so its understandable. So what happens to retail who had subscribed for Loha Ispat, since its undersubscribed it wont be alloted ?

        I had requested sometime earlier on list of your MF investments at a high level. Please list if you get some time.

        P.S. Iam thinking of buying Wonderla and Loha Ispat after its listed, if it opens in loss 🙂



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