Snowman Logistics IPO oversubscribed 60 times, what about allotment & listing price

Snowman Logistics IPO over subscribedSnowman Logistics IPO oversubscribed 59 times

Integrated temperature controlled logistics company Snowman Logistics IPO got overscribed by 59 times. This issue closed yesterday on 28-Aug-2014. What is that analysts and investors are predicting now about the allotment and issue price?

About Snowman Logistics IPO

Snowman Logistics Limited IPO opened on 26th August, 2014 for subscribing Rs 197 Crores. However, it received excellent response from all types of investors and it got oversubscribed to the tune of Rs 9,000 Crores which is 59 times. A couple of months back, Wonderla Holidays IPO got oversubscribed by 38 times. Currently it is trading at 150% profit. Even I am enjoying this profit. The Snowman Logistics IPO has a price band of Rs 44 to Rs 47. Total bids received are worth Rs 9,000 Crores for this IPO.

What about Snowman Logistics IPO allotment process?

We need to wait and watch about allotment process as of now. I would update further as and when I get some points on this.

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When the Snowman logistics IPO would get listed?

Generally it would take 2-4 weeks from now to be listed on BSE/NSE. You can expect these shares to list by the end of Sep-2014.

What analysts and investors are predicting about listing price of the Snowman Logistics Limited?

I was hearing from some senior analysts that they are predicting a listing price would be in between Rs 70 to Rs 75. I have seen in many investment websites / forums / boards that investors are exchanging messages that in next 2 months, (by Oct-14), Snowman Logistics IPO would be traded at Rs 100 per share giving more than 100% returns.

I have personally subscribed for 1800 shares and eagerly waiting for allotment.

Readers, I hope you have encashed this opportunity and applied for this IPO. What are your views on Snowman Logistics IPO listing price? Do you think that in spite of 58 times oversubscription, you would get allotment of such shares? Please share your views.

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Snowman Logistics IPO oversubscribed 59 times

Suresh KP


  1. hi suresh,

    what is the right price to sell the alllotted Snowman shares? is it going to touch 150 in the near future? should we hold this for a little longer duration or book profits at the current market price?

    thanks in advance.

    1. Difficult to say as it depends on investor sentiment. I bought some shares at 90 avg. Looking to make some money once it crosses 120. I am hoping that it would reach my target

  2. hi suresh.
    when i tried to buy snowman on market pricce, it said they are available on TT basis.
    can u please explain what that means. anyway i bought a few shares and want to know abt future trading of them, when to sell, tgt price?

    1. Sandeep, TT refers to Trade to Trade basis. Means you cannot buy today and sell them immediately. You need to take delivery of shares and then sell. Means you can sell them only after 3+ days after buying. This is done to ensure that promoters or stock brokers to not manupulate stock price and sell for profits.

  3. Hello,

    Snowman Logistics listed on BSE today. Huge buying orders,! Suresh Ji shall one can buy on this cap? or wait for correction.
    Please suggest.

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