How Religare Trakinvest Virtual Trading Platform benefit investors?

Religare Trackinvest virtual trading platformHow Religare Trakinvest Virtual Trading Platform benefit investors?

There are unique platforms being launched by several stock brokers and stock research companies to attract investors. Last week Religare Securities Limited partnered Singapore based financial technology firm Trakinvest and launched Virtual Trading Platform for stock investors. This is a cutting edge virtual trading platform which benefits investors who are looking for research reports which comes free of cost.

What is a Trakinvest Virtual Trading Platform all about?

This social market platform allows investors in India to trade in stocks using virtual money. This would help investors to improve their skills in stock markets along with several other important benefits.

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How Virtual Trading Platform Trakinvest works?

  • Visit
  • Sign-up for free account
  • Learn and get contextual information based on training needs, including stock news, twitter feeds, research reports etc.
  • Share trading activity with other traders and learn from them too.
  • You can track top performers and opt to replicate their trading activity and trading ideas.
  • Earn by participating in monthly competitions and win prizes.
  • Get an internship with leading finance firms and get job opportunities in this research area.

What investors benefit from this Trakinvest Trading Platform?

  • Risk free trading in stocks using virtual money.
  • Improve knowledge in Indian stock markets trading.
  • Earn prizes based on your performance of the virtual money.
  • You can even get a job if you have become professional in this area.

Religare Securities indicates saying this is more than a game. Users need to register themselves on the website and they would get Rs 50 Lakhs virtual money to start building their winning stock portfolio. Users can learn, enhance skills, follow from fellow traders, copy their ideas, download 12,000 research reports for free. These are updated almost every week.

How Trakinvest gets revenue if they are offering such services for free?

Investors would get doubt that, if everything is free, how Religare Trakinvest would get its revenue. All the information and learning come free for users. They don’t charge for basic services like trading virtual money and accessing research reports. They charge a basic subscription for advanced analytics, talent identification and also earn money through  campaigns and advertising on the trading platform.

Bonny Bhatia, Founder and CEO of believes that one should not charge investors while they are learning. We give them the opportunity to showcase their trading performance. Later it translates to real income for them.

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How Trakinvest Looks like?

a) Once you login, Dashboard looks like this

Religare Trackinvest virtual trading platform home page

b) If you select any stock, you would get the following screen with all relevant information. You can click on “View Detailed Report” to download the PDF copy. Click here to view the downloaded copy of Tech Mahindra Limited Stock analysis.

Religare Trackinvest virtual trading platform stock analysis

Conclusion: I have just signed up for and impressed with basic services which are free. Such platforms were already floated earlier by Moneycontrol Portfolio tracker, ET portfolio tracker etc., but with limited features. While signing up on this platform and trading your virtual money could be one idea to improve skills, but copying other trader's ideas / replicating their ideas could be a unique feature of this virtual trading platform. I feel one should sign-up this and enjoy the benefits as this comes free of cost.

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How Religare Trakinvest Virtual Trading Platform benefit investors

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