How Dr Stock – Vijay Malik is identifying Multi Bagger Stocks that gave upto 1000%?

How Dr Stock - Vijay Malik is identifying Multi Bagger Stocks for investmentHow Dr Stock – Vijay Malik is identifying Multi Bagger Stocks that gave upto 1000%?

Recently there was an stock expert interview in one of the leading financial newspaper. Dr. Vijay Malik also called as Dr Stock started investing in multi bagger stocks which raised upto 1000% of the purchase price. I could gather some critical information about Dr Stock on how he is identifying multi bagger stocks. Who is Dr. Stock Vijay Malik? How he is diagnosing and identifying right stock for investment? Which are his top picks which are generating good returns in recent times? What are his suggestions to identify a multi bagger stock for investment in India?

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Who is Dr Stock – Vijay Malik?

Dr. Vijay Malik is a stock market expert who know how to analyse a stock which could be multi bagger. He analysed several stocks which grown to upto 1000%. This Dr does right diagnosis where he is generating over 50% annualized returns for the past few years through the stocks where he is investing. He is also sharing his experiences on his website at a premium price.

More about Dr Stock – Vijay Malik Stock Portolio

  • He is investing in a smaller portfolio of stocks so that it has full concentration.
  • He believes investing more in existing stocks instead of investing in additional stocks.
  • Some of his stocks generated upto 1000% from purchase price.
  • In the last 10 years he selected 14 stocks, but sold 8 stocks after making decent returns.
  • Currently he is holding 6 stocks, out of which 2 stocks has raised by 800% and 3 stocks by 300%.
  • His multibagger stocks include Mayur Uniquaters where he purchased at average price of Rs 40 (over a period of time) in 2012 and sold at Rs 400 in 2016. Another multi bagger was Indag Rubber which he purchased in 2013 and sold in early 2017 where he made 300% returns.

How he is identifying multi bagger stocks for investments?

While there are several strategies in identifying multi bagger stocks for long term investments, he adopts some simple formulas. Here is what his advice to investors.

  • One should read and understand technical analysis of a stock.
  • He believes that multi bagger stocks can give good returns if one holds it for long term. One should hold till it moves to 100% to 200% to 500% to 1000%.
  • One should not focus on purchase price, but focus on how the company business is today and how the fundamentals are.
  • Company with good history is key.
  • Sustained growth in improving profits and generating free cash flows after incurring capital expenditure shows investor confidence.
  • One should also analyse financials, business, management and operational efficiency factors that company is adopting.
  • One should read annual report which gives key indicators.
  • If any company is going against minority investors, then it is big negative point.
  • One should invest in a stock which goes through various phases of the business cycles.
  • One should invest in such companies when markets are taking corrections.
  • One should invest and HOLD tight till their money multiples several times.
  • Low debt to equity ratio can help company to grow faster.
  • Cheap P/E ratio companies would come with low share price.
  • One should review the credit rating of the company.
  • What media is talking about the decisions of the company? Are they positive or negative?

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Conclusion: Dr Stock – Vijay Malik views are good. However the puzzle still remains. Is there any tool that can help you to identify multi bagger stocks? I have been thinking this for some time and “Money Machine” idea came into my mind. It should just print the money i.e. grow the investment. While my Money Machine is at initial stage, I believe that one day I would be able to create this. The goal is to identify stocks that has potential to turn multi bagger that can provide 100%, 200%, 500% or 1000% returns.

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How Dr Stock – Vijay Malik is identifying Multi Bagger Stocks that gave upto 1000%?

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