Best long term investments for 2013

Best long term investments for 2013; Best investment options

Overview – Best long term investments for 2013 While short term investments provide money for pressing needs in near future, every investor need to invest in best long term investments to create wealth and be financially independent. Today we would focus on the long term investments which are good to invest for 2013. What are long term investments? In legal […]

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6 reasons to invest in debt mutual funds

  6 reasons to invest in debt mutual funds (Category: Best performing mutual funds) There are several investors who want moderate returns, want to take lesser risk, but expect higher returns than bank fixed deposits. One of the best performing mutual funds in such category would be debt mutual funds. What are debt mutual funds? Debt mutual funds, primarly invest […]

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What are Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) ?

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) – Are these the best investment options? What is an exchange traded fund (ETF fund)? Exchange traded funds are basket of stocks which reflects an index, but trades like a stock in stock exchanges. The basket of stocks can be index stocks across various countries, commodities etc. The value of the ETF changes during the day […]

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