Best Stocks to invest as per Porinju Veliyath and Motilal Oswal in 2017-2018

Best Stocks to invest as per Porinju Veliyath and Motilal Oswal in 2017-2018Best Stocks to invest as per Porinju Veliyath and Motilal Oswal in 2017-2018

This Diwali Samavath 2074, Porinju Veliyath, an Ace investor and well known stock market expert has recommended 3 Pataka Stocks that has good potential in future. One of the stock has already started to zoom after few hours of his recommendation. Even Motilal Oswal, leading and well known brokerage firm has recommended 5 best stocks to invest for 2017-2018 which has good potential in future. Let me summarise these top 8 best stocks to invest now based on the recommendations from Porinju Veliyath and Motilal Oswal Teams for this Diwali Samavath 2074 and in 2017-2018.

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Who is Porinju Veliyath?

Porinju Veliyath is an Indian investor and fund manager. He manages his own portfolio as a partner in his portfolio management firm Equity Intelligence India Ltd. He is referred as the small-cap czar by The Economic Times. Equity Intelligence PMS has become famous as its giving spectacular returns across years. Hence Porinju Veliyath stock recommendations are termed by some of the leading media as "pataka" stocks. 

Which are the Top 3 Stocks to invest as per Porinju Veliyath in 2017-2018?

Top#1 – GVK Power – CMP – Rs 13 – Target Price – Rs 65 / Rs 130

GVK is a leading Indian conglomerate with diversified interests across various sectors including energy, resources, airports, transportation, hospitality and life sciences. It has taken pioneering initiatives across many sectors that it operates in and has overcome every challenge to provide reliable infrastructure to contribute to the count        ry’s growth. GVK’s greatest strength is its highly experienced and proficient in-house talent pool. GVK’s collaboration with global infrastructure leaders has brought international expertise to India reflecting excellence and advancement in all its endeavours.

Why Porinju is recommending this stock?

Porinju says, I have been looking at with a huge turnaround potential which is now at Rs 1,800 crore, it's a surprise for the company and it has got a lot of debt, it has got a lot of assets. So it is a game, you have to see what the company has, it owns and what the company owes to the banks or institutions. So I think there is a huge positive getting developed between the assets and liabilities of GVK. I expect this year to be a turnaround year for the company and once it turns around this can be a multi bagger stock".

Porinju also tells investors to be cautious and indicates "Investors have to take that little risk that everything is not clear today, the kind of liabilities they have, the contingent liability in the Australian mines, the bank loan consolidated at around Rs 15,000 crore”.

Top#2 – Kaya – CMP – Rs 935 – Target Price – Not provided

Kaya Limited is a provider of skincare, haircare, and beauty solutions. Headquartered in Mumbai. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marico Limited.

Why Porinju is recommending this stock?

As per Porinju Veliyath, “I think it is a great brand, wonderful management. It's around Rs 1,200 crore marketcap today, Rs 400-500 crore of revenue. They have a potential to grow big. This kind of great ideas, sometimes you have to identify a bit early before the company start coming with numbers. Once numbers starts coming in, profits being reported, these companies will be given five-six times valuation. It was at Rs 400-500. It went to some Rs 2,000 plus kind of prices. I started buying recently at Rs 700. I haven't recommended this stock much though I have bought 6 percent of the company in portfolio management. So this is one stock we bought not for the immediate appreciation”.

Top#3 – Zee Media – CMP – Rs 41 – Target Price – Not provided

Zee News is an Indian news channel launched in 1999 and is the flagship property of Zee Media Corporation Ltd, company and a subsidiary of Essel Group.

It's a stock Proinju Veliyath have been buying in PMS since Rs 30 and they been accumulating. Now their print media business is demerged with parent company Zee Entertainment Enterprises which is almost Rs 30,000-40,000 crore of marketcap.

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Why Porinju is recommending this stock?

As per Porinju, “This company recently acquired the radio business and some of the channels are doing very well and profitable. So in India media has a long way to go in this country with one thousand three hundred million people. So Zee Media is a stock at Rs 1,800 crore value today".

He also stresses that "There is no hurry in buying this stock today. These stocks are not going to perform or to come with numbers very soon. So even if it goes up today, it will come back tomorrow or next week”.

Which are the Top 5 Stocks to invest as per Motilal Oswal for this Diwali and for 2017-2018?

Motilal Oswal too has come up with best stocks to invest this Diwali which has good potential in 2017-2018. Here are the quick summary of their recommendations.

Top#1 – Birla Corp – CMP – Rs 1,000 – Target Price – Rs 1,150

The Company is primarily engaged in the manufacturing of cement as its core business activity. It has significant presence in the jute goods industry as well.

Whats Motilal Oswal View about this company?

Birla Corp gets 85% of its revenue from manufacturing cement and is likely to touch Rs. 1,150 in Samvat 2074 while it currently trades around Rs. 1,005. "Given its size and profitability, the scrip is trading at a significant discount to peers (both on EV/ton and EV/EBITDA) and has strong potential for multiple re-rating, given its exposure to the lucrative markets of central India. However, the key risk would be lower profitability from its Chanderia operations on a sustained basis.

Top#2 – HDFC – CMP – Rs 1,866 – Target Price – Rs 2,020

It is a major provider of finance for housing in India.

Whats Motilal Oswal View about this company?

As per Motilal Oswal, over the past three quarters, corporate loan growth has also picked up smartly this remains a key for overall spreads, considering individual spreads are under pressure.

Top#3 – RBL Bank – CMP – Rs 523 – Target Price – Rs 651

RBL Bank Limited is a scheduled commercial bank, headquartered in the Kolhapur region of Maharashtra. Founded in August 1943, RBL is one of the oldest private sector banks in India.

Whats Motilal Oswal View about this company?

As per Motilal, Management has guided for credit costs to be in the range of 70-75 bps for this fiscal and Motilal feels they can largely maintain its earnings estimates for next fiscal.

Top#4 – Manpasad Brewerages – CMP – Rs 438 – Target Price – Rs 534

They are a fruit drink manufacturing company with a primary focus on mango fruit, which is the leading flavour for juice drinks in India. Its mango based fruit drink, ‘Mango Sip’, is its flagship brand, which is strategically focused towards customers primarily based in semi urban and rural markets.

Whats Motilal Oswal View about this company?

Motilal Oswal says, the stock has huge potential since it will benefit from its expanding distribution network in which a pilot for tie-up with Parle Products has been initiated in West Bengal, and should boost its distribution network leading to better capacity utilization. 

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Top#5 – Granules India – CMP – Rs 143 – Target Price – Rs 200

Granules India is an Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing company based in Hyderabad. The Company manufactures tablets, Pharmaceutical Formulation Intermediates and active pharmaceutical etc.,

Whats Motilal Oswal View about this company?

As per Motilal, over the last six years, company has reported 39% earnings CAGR on improved profitability, higher operating leverage and superior business mix. It expanded its finished dosages business at a CAGR of 24% over FY12-17, leading to higher profitability and improved utilization of the existing capacity of 18b tablets.

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Best Stocks to invest as per Porinju Veliyath and Motilal Oswal in 2017-2018

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  1. Just see where was Manpasand and where it is now. It also shows how much risk it is to follow the advise of these experts and lose your hard earned money. Manpasand was steady at Rs.400 and above and now it is just hovering at Rs.160 after auditors resigned to sign their FS. Although it is not yet publicly stated as to what information auditors were not provided, it is stated that their sales figures are not reliable which effectively means bottom line is also inflated.

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