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How I made upto 30 % returns in stocks in 1 month?

How I made upto 30% returns in stocks in 1 month? While I have been investing in mutual funds for some time, one thing that was running in my mind is how to make quick money in stock market in short term. I used to think why I cannot make decent money in 1 year


Should you stay invested or exit from stock market now?

Mr.Narendra Modi won. BJP got clear majority and would form a new stable government in India. What next ? What does this mean for you as an investor ? Can you stay invested in stocks and mutual funds or do you need to exit from stock market now ? Stock market gained 1000 points on


Stock Markets falling-Where to invest now?

Stock Markets falling-Where to invest now? Stock markets are falling. SENSEX is at 17,900 levels. 2300 points down in last 4 weeks. Your mutual funds are showing negative returns. You must be up-set with your investments. Gold prices are going up. If you think to book losses and come out of stocks or mutual funds,