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Suresh KP i.e. me have written 1,800+ articles on this blog. I have done by B.Com from Osmania University and then MBA-Finance from Symbiosis University, Pune. I have over 20 years of experience in analyzing various investment options and money saving ideas. I love doing financial planning, Mutual Fund Analysis, Searching long term Stocks for wealth creation, IPOs, reviewing Insurance Products, analysing Health insurance Plans etc.


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  1. Great article pooja. Of all market participants, 70-90% of the traders lose money. Only 10% make all the money. Being successful by investing/trading is analogous to becoming a successful athlete. If you learn, train and work hard and smart, you will eventually succeed. About 4 years ago when I just started stock trading I had done lots of silly mistakes. After lots of ups and downs, I’ve learned some valuable lessons and now stock trading is my second source of income.

  2. Best 8 Tips to invest in US stocks for the year 2018:

    1)Choose the sectors you are interested to invest, and understand the sectors are cyclical or non-cyclical. With higher volatility to minimize the risk invest in defensive sectors like

    2) Pick the stocks you want to invest and have a clear motive behind your investment.

    3) Check the stock’s MTD, QTD & YTD performance, financials, technical analysis and more insights. For Example Apple. Check out the performance.

    4) Compare with its top competitor performances & growth

    5) Evaluate its alternatives to choose the best to invest in the current market.

    6) Always try to buy good stocks at a lower price than buying low stocks.

    7)Your entry and exit timing will be an important factor in your investment, as great investors always say on selloffs and book profit on appreciation.

    8) If you are planning for longterm, betting on dividend then choose the best dividends stocks to invest.

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