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I am getting several emails asking for investment advices on While I would be responding them individually, these would not reach other readers. I am getting questions from people which are general in nature and I am trying to answer the same questions to several investors. To avoid this, I am taking new initiative which would help readers. This is “Suggest a topic” option on the menu bar. If you have any topic which is not covered here, you can leave a comment with little detailed description on what you are looking for which you could not find on this website. I would start publishing the articles based on these topics as early as possible.

Thanks Manju Fernandes from Dubai who is asking for NRI investment advices and Ravi Gupta who is asking to write about best demat accounts in terms of low charges. I am starting this topic with these two.


Suresh KP


  • Uma

    Hi, Suresh
    Should we continue SIP in DSP BlackRock Top 100 n HDFC Top 200 fund or go for some other fund.
    Thank you for putting lots of effort to educate us.

  • Zia

    Hi Suresh,

    Can you please suggest ELSS funds for 2016 .


  • Pooja

    Suresh ji, There is new NFO from HDFC Retirement Savings fund scheme which has lockin period of 5 years. Is it good sir? Pls post positives and negatives

  • shivakumar A N

    latest Company fixed deposits for the year 2016

  • bhanu prasanth

    Hi Suresh,

    I read each and every article of yours and appreciate the effort you put in it to educate us. I Thank you for that.

    Some time back I read an article on “Investing in apartment by taking loan is not useful at all” some where.
    I saw the example where the author has given detailed explanation. (like even if you re-pay the loan in 5 years also, it is not worth the value we think). I thought that was you. But could not find that article. Can you please write an article on that?


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