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I am getting several emails asking for investment advices on While I would be responding them individually, these would not reach other readers. I am getting questions from people which are general in nature and I am trying to answer the same questions to several investors. To avoid this, I am taking new initiative which would help readers. This is “Suggest a topic” option on the menu bar. If you have any topic which is not covered here, you can leave a comment with little detailed description on what you are looking for which you could not find on this website. I would start publishing the articles based on these topics as early as possible.

Thanks Manju Fernandes from Dubai who is asking for NRI investment advices and Ravi Gupta who is asking to write about best demat accounts in terms of low charges. I am starting this topic with these two.


Best Investment Options in India @

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  • balaji rajasekaran

    Hi Suresh,

    Could you please suggest some small cap shares for good short term (6 months – 1year period) returns?.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Balaji R

  • Subramanyam

    Your views on LIC Jeevan Anand and Jeevan Suraksha.

    Is it advisable to invest in FMPs now? If yes, which FMP to select for better returns with medium risk? the one that prefers CPs to CDs? Also can u suggest any FMP which will give a return of about 11%

  • Priyajit

    Hi Suresh

    can u please give ideas regarding how to check online EPF account balance 

  • sachin

    pl possible to describe a clear topic of online trading in (indian)india online no margin calls trading only binaryoptions site using RBI acsept are no and Legal Are No clarify sir  they are intraday trading and binaryoptions mixed Legal stand in india Tell me Pl

  • Pankaj Kumar Laskar

    Dear Suresh,

    I am a regular visitor of your informative site and get to know lot of things some of which I have already implemented.

    Now as I am more interested in stocks section can you please give us some information on-

    →Promising Mid-cap and Small cap stocks at present which are in distress now but likely to be Blue-chip in near future.

    This is my idea only.




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