25+ Profitable Education Business Ideas with low investment

You don’t want to do 9-5 job. You might be doing a day job, but want to quit and start any small business which is the educational field. It might be starting online classes or manufacturing of notebooks or Printing textbooks or you might be searching innovative business ideas in the educational field.  If you are one among such individual and looking to start a small business, this article is for you. In this article we would provide Top 25 Profitable Education Business Ideas with low investment.

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What are Education business ideas?

Education is the key to growth and success. Due to the awareness about education and an increase in the income level of people, it is one field that will never witness a recession. There are many business opportunities pertaining to the Education sector and initiating any of these can give you good sums of money. Many people have a misconception that businesses related to education would be very capital intensive. This article suggests several education business ideas with low investment. You should first review all these ideas, short list based on your interest and invest what you can do before thinking how to make money in the education business.


25+ Profitable Education Business Ideas with low investment

Here are 25+ profitable education business ideas list that does not require much capital investment. This includes education related business ideas also.

1) Opening a play school

Opening a play school is another lucrative business idea.  It requires moderate to little high investment. You can take franchisee of any famous play school or obtain a license from the government for opening play school. With hard work and dedication, you can soon achieve success in this line. This is one of the best school related business to start with low investment.

2) School uniform making

Every school has a unique uniform and the students need to follow it compulsory. So, it is a brilliant business idea which can be initiated from home also. You have to take the contract from a few schools for this. If you can employ some critical employees, you can deliver school uniforms on time. This is one of the best education business ideas to start with low investment.

3) Stationery business

Books, copies, files pen, pencil, crayons, sharpeners, etc. are a few items that are always in demand throughout the year. This business does not require expertise too, and can be initiated with low investment. You can also expand if you can afford some additional investment.

4) Software Training institute

These days there are thousands of engineering graduates who are passing out, but not able to get jobs. This is due to  the skill set gap between what is expected vs what is being taught in the colleges. You can open software training institute and provide courses for hot skills, this can turn to be one of the most profitable education business ideas in developing countries like India.

5) Spoken English classes

The importance of the English language cannot be underestimated and with good English-speaking skills you always have a niche over others. If you are very fluent in speaking English, you can take a spoken English class. This business can be initiated from home also without any investment. The success of this business depends upon your expertise and marketing skills.

6) Online e-library

For this business, you need to convert all physical books into electronic format. You have to give library membership with subscription amount to the interested readers. It is a growing business option with good potential.

7) Manufacturing of notebook or note pads

Notebooks / Note pads are extensively used in schools and offices.  You can start with a business in notebook manufacturing. The procurement of good quality raw material is important in this business. The capital requirement for this is moderate and you need to conduct market research before initiating this business. This is one of the top education business ideas with low investment.

8) YouTube channel as an Education instructor

If you are very good at explaining things and possess expert knowledge about a certain subject, you can become a YouTube star by starting your education channel. You need to make videos and help children in understanding the topics related to the subject. To gain popularity you can apply for a channel partner program for showing advertisements on your videos.

9) Customized education material

If you possess in-depth knowledge about child psychology and education, you can create your Education material. You have to be exceptionally well as making this material. Once it is ready you can contact various institutions for adopting it. This business idea is adaptable for initial levels of education where creativity and learning by playing are emphasized more.

10) Printing press

If you know about printing technology you can start your printing press. You are required to print books and other printing materials in your press. The investment required for this business is moderate.

11) Coaching classes in specific subjects

It is yet another one of the most lucrative Education businesses. The investment requirement is based on the scale of your project. Best quality teaching and prompt services are the success mantra of this business.

12) Career counselor

If you possess extreme knowledge about the various career options available to a student, you can start giving services as a career counselor. Career counselors charge fixed money for providing guidance. This business can be started without an investment.

13) Home Tuitions

This business can be initiated with minimal investment. You need to possess expertise in certain subjects before starting it. Initially, it might take some effort from your side, but once it is hit you will never look back.

14) Drawing school

If you have a creative hand, you can open a drawing school. Many children want to learn the art of drawing, sketching, and painting. This business has huge pit potential this business has huge potential and can be started without any capital.

15) Education project business

College students are often piled up with projects to be done. If you are innovative and ready to help students, you can start your education project business. It may be some writing project or some practical model work. An example is about helping engineering students with project work ideas. It is a very good lucrative business option.

16) Manufacturing of school / college bags

School bag / college bags is a requirement for each student irrespective of their age, school/colleges, and the standard they study. You can start a unit of manufacturing schoolbags. Before starting this business, you should attain complete knowledge about the material required and the stitching process. Many schools even look for customized bags. You can take the contract for such schools.  This is one of the good educational business ideas to start with low investment.

17) Bookstore

You can open a versatile bookstore that keeps books for every grade, and of every type. You can also keep second-hand books. It is important to conduct market research before commencing this business. Moreover, the location of the store and your promotional strategy will also play an important role.

18) Stationary item manufacturing

If you want to invest moderate capital, you can try for the manufacturing of stationary items like ball pen, crayons, pencil, stapler, etc. You should have a good understanding of manufacturing before starting it.

19) Online teaching

Online teaching is one of the most trending and popular Education business ideas. Any individual who is an expert in a certain field can initiate this venture without any investment. You just need to have a computer system and a good internet connection for this. You can either start your own online teaching business an associate with any professional Institute. You can charge some fees per hour or per day session.

20) Education Blogger

If you have expertise in a certain field, you can start blogging about it. There is no dearth of people looking forward to more and more knowledge. If you can find the right niche and provide them with meaningful content, there are good chances of making good money from blogging through advertisements. This is one of the best online education business ideas that requires less investment.

21) Chalk making

Blackboard studies are one of the conventional but most popular forms of studies. Chalks are in regular demand in the Education institutes. You can initiate this small-scale business with little capital.

22) E-book writing

If you are looking for innovative ideas in education field, this business idea might help you. If you have an expertise in writing on how to write an e-book, you can develop your own e-book writing business from home. You can write in the e-book of your own or can do this job for others.

23) Foreign language classes

If you are well-versed in any foreign language, you can start teaching it to the interested students. Many students are interested in learning foreign languages. This business requires minimal capital investment, but you should be very proficient with your language knowledge.

24) Education day camps

Sometimes known as summer camps or holiday camps, these camps offer day-long activities during the weekends or for a few days during the summers or during holidays. It is related to games and studies. It is based more on learning through teamwork, co-ordination, and co-operation.

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25) Work from Home Ideas for certified teachers

There are several companies that are offering certified courses and you can work from home as a certified teacher. E.g. Cuemath work from home program is where you can earn up to Rs 40,000 per month. One can review such programs, get certified and earn money. This is one of the best business ideas for teachers.

26) Daycare center

This is the demand of many working parents to have the facility of daycare after schooling. You can start with a small daycare school. This business has immense opportunities for growth if you receive good feedback regarding the care of the children. This is one of the best educational business ideas to start now.

27) Teacher Training Institute

Today, schools are demanding highly professional and proficient teachers for their schools. You can open a training institute where you can impart good teaching skills and new technology to the teachers making their teaching more efficient. The profit margin in this business is very good. However, you might need to invest less capital in this business.

Conclusion: Starting a business in the Education sector is proving to be highly lucrative these days. Many businesses can be started with a low investment. So, look for any of them and give your best to it.

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