1. Suresh, very useful article. A table would have made it much easier to compare. How does smaller players like FundsIndia compare?

  2. Is any of the above brokers offering tranding platform in Debit segment? Like trading in NCDs and Bonds

  3. Hi Suresh ,

    What's about Sharekhan Trading account ? Please tell me your thought . I'm using sharekhan . So , am i loosing anything ?

    Thanks .

    Bikash Paul


      1. Hi Suresh,

        Your information provided is certainly useful.

        I use Sharekhan and the charges are certainly lesser than that of ICICI Direct. (Annual Charge: Rs 400, Trading: .5% , intraday (.05%). They will also reduce it if you can bargain. I have trading charges lesser than half of what has been mentioned for ICICI Direct because of bargain ๐Ÿ˜‰ however, they are lesser than that of ICICI without bargain too.

      2. Hi Suresh, do you mean sharekhan brokerage charges are high compared to these? I'm new..can you pls give an example 

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