1. Dear Sir,

    My daughter is 8 yrs old i will invest an annual amt of Rs.43800 /- so when she turns around 23 – 24 yrs what amt of maturity i may get kindly reply in this regard



    1. Hello Vittal, Since interest rate changes every year, one cannot know exact amount. However, we may check approx amount and then compute. e.g. if you invest 43,800 at beginning of 8 years to beginning of 23 years (both years inclusive i.e. 15 years) = 43,800 x 15 years = 6.57 lakhs. Interest on such investment that is compounded every year @ 7.6% (approx which can change every year) = 5.8 Lakhs. Total with interest the amount would be 12.4 Lakhs (Investment of 6.57 lakhs + interest of 5.8 lakhs)

  2. Dear Sir,
    Its mandatory to invest every year ?
    What will happened if missed 4-5 year to pay ?

    Pl. make me understand that I have opened the Sukanya Samridhi accout late i.e., after baby’s age is 8 year ?
    In this case how many year I have to pay the installment ?

    I have 2 daughter, so can I invest as 1.5 lacs and 1.5 lacs ?


    1. Hello Umashankar, there is min deposit of Rs 250 per year. If you don’t deposit, your account would be inoperative. Pls checek with bank or post office where you have opned it. You can deposit Rs 1.5 Lakhs per SSA account per year for 15 years from the date of opening or till maturity.

  3. Hello sir 

    I am my daughter account sukanya samriddhi yojana post office deposet 17/ 06/2015 date 7000 rupees & interest 483 rupees but my calculation interest is 637 rupees. 

    Please advise post office interest right / my calculation right 

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