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I am getting several emails asking for investment advices on While I would be responding them individually, these would not reach other readers. I am getting questions from people which are general in nature and I am trying to answer the same questions to several investors. To avoid this, I am taking new initiative which would help readers. This is “Suggest a topic” option on the menu bar. If you have any topic which is not covered here, you can leave a comment with little detailed description on what you are looking for which you could not find on this website. I would start publishing the articles based on these topics as early as possible.

Thanks Manju Fernandes from Dubai who is asking for NRI investment advices and Ravi Gupta who is asking to write about best demat accounts in terms of low charges. I am starting this topic with these two.


Suresh KP


  • Ajex V Scaria

    Hello Suresh,

    Hope you are well!

    I would like to suggest a topic for an article. Haven’t seen any article regarding Tax we need to pay for Mutual Funds, Stocks.

    Short Term Capital Gain
    Long Term Capital Gain
    Tax payable for Equity fund.
    Tax payable for Debt fund
    Does Investors Tax slab come into play for the taxation.

    Kind Regards,
    Ajex V Scaria

  • Vishwesh Chaube

    Pl comment about nifty alpha low value index funds . What is their performance vs Nifty 50 index

  • Arbab sikander

    I am following your blog for long time, can you write about the IDCW in mutual fund, what is the frequency of dividant in a year. Which fund give regular dividant.


    hi how r u


    Dear Suresh,
    Please let us know about Invoice discounting platform. “Falcon” is one of such online platform which is providing net yield up to 20% by investing in deals of blue-chip companies. It is working in market since 2015 with zero default & zero NPA. Kindly suggest how much investment is safe in this kind of instrument. Regards!

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