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I am getting several emails asking for investment advices on While I would be responding them individually, these would not reach other readers. I am getting questions from people which are general in nature and I am trying to answer the same questions to several investors. To avoid this, I am taking new initiative which would help readers. This is “Suggest a topic” option on the menu bar. If you have any topic which is not covered here, you can leave a comment with little detailed description on what you are looking for which you could not find on this website. I would start publishing the articles based on these topics as early as possible.

Thanks Manju Fernandes from Dubai who is asking for NRI investment advices and Ravi Gupta who is asking to write about best demat accounts in terms of low charges. I am starting this topic with these two.


Best Investment Options in India @

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  • Balaji Tulasi

    Hello Sir,

    First of all, a big thank you for the articles that are being published, it’s very helpful and helps to draw comparisons, risks, pros and cons, etc. Would like to request, if you can provide a write-up about the basis of allocation in IPO’s and what’s a strategy to be followed in order to get shares allocated. In spite of applying the recent IPO’s none of them got allocated so I’m little curious to know more on this area.

    Balaji Tulasi

  • PAWAN Rathi

    Can you please guide us overdraft home loan and their pros and cons

  • sprabhu


    can you please review and throw some light on some best retirement fixed income(guaranteed) plans.



  • veera

    Dear Sir

    How safe Mutual fund AMC’s in India.

    Some mutual fund amc’s are only doing the AMC( MIREA /PARAG PARIK , ADITYA BIRLA) and some companies as background of Financial banks.( SBI / AXIS/ICICI/HDFC……)..

    some article i have seen that it is always select the fund house with support of financial support of bank like (sbi,hdfc,icici etc….) ?

    Some people says that few fund houses are from other country like ( mirea – south korea , PGIM-US , like that so many are there …)?

    Now a days MF is good instrument and so many people doing the SIP and many people only says about the best fund of this year not about the Fund house performance..

    AXIS , UTI – Fund House performance and all not good last 3 years?
    and SEBI how it is protecting the Investors form Such foreign fund houses.

    Kindly take this article and write your view on that .. it will help to the investors to select the fund not only the particular fund need to keep eye on Fund House Performance also ……..


  • Vinay
    Myself Vinay, a regular reader of your e mails. Am requesting you to make a detailed analysis on this firm, because so many people are getting membership of Rs.9000, and they are assuring to give 412 ₹ on fortnightly basis for 3 years and many more. Sir seen so many video on YouTube but am not able to convince at all…

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