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I am getting several emails asking for investment advices on While I would be responding them individually, these would not reach other readers. I am getting questions from people which are general in nature and I am trying to answer the same questions to several investors. To avoid this, I am taking new initiative which would help readers. This is "Suggest a topic" option on the menu bar. If you have any topic which is not covered here, you can leave a comment with little detailed description on what you are looking for which you could not find on this website. I would start publishing the articles based on these topics as early as possible.

Thanks Manju Fernandes from Dubai who is asking for NRI investment advices and Ravi Gupta who is asking to write about best demat accounts in terms of low charges. I am starting this topic with these two.


Best Investment Options in India @


  • Sridhar Iyer

    Can you pls give some tips on:-
    1) Comparison between RERA and Consumer Court for beneficial redressal of customers who are receiving end of builders
    2) Planning for family finances at different age profiles, children’s education, insurance, health plans and the concept of Net Worth of Individual and family.
    3) Nomination, especially relating to WILL or Power Attorney, then Bank A/c, Mutual Funds, Shares, Gold, etc
    4) Bank Lockers rules, liabilities etc and insurance of items kept in bank lockers

    I went to your link “Suggest a Topic” but could not understand as to where I have to input the data (since there was no such facility). Hence this mail.

    Thanks and regards

  • Dhiraj Kolhe

    Hi Suresh;
    Since last 1.5 to 2 years most of MF are giving no returns in contrary market has saw at least 2 to 3 Cycles & definitely this highly paid smart people had gain from this Cycles as was sitting on Cash, but why its not reflecting in NVA, even though market reaches High there NAV are low.
    Are this people looting common people is this another scam as there Fund managers salary are in Cr’s nothing is coming to common people.

  • Kumaraswamy

    ICICI Retirement Fund and ABSL Retirement Fund are opened now. Are these good for investment, please tell me sir

  • kruthi sharma

    I’m passionate about being updated on recent IT and business technology innovations. I was wondering if I could get an opportunity to post one of my written piece on your site regarding any finance topic based on your niche. I believe, I can add value to your site by my writings. If you’re interested in this ides, please get back to me and i will come up with an article idea.

  • Manisha G. Kokate.

    Hallo Suresh Sir, Actually I have one query about The Yoga Instructor which is one of the low investment business that u have listed out. So can u plz advise me where could I complete this certified course ? Thank u.

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