30+ Profitable Medium Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

A manufacturing business has always been a interesting field around the world. It demands reasonable investment for once. But once it is established, it starts fetching you consistent profits. There are several manufacturing businesses that one can bet upon. However, if you are looking for some of the best profitable medium scale manufacturing ideas this post is for you. Which are the Top and Best Manufacturing Business Ideas in India that require moderate investment, but gives you good profits? In this article we would provide Medium Scale Industries list.

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What are small, medium and large scale industries?

Small scale industry employs a less number of people and capital. Most of the work is done by manpower, small machines, and tools. The raw material used is less and subsequently, the production is also less. They are scattered over rural and urban areas and are in the private sector like cycle production, garment manufacturing, dal mill, etc.

Medium-scale industry neither runs its operations at such tiny levels as a small scale industry nor at such a huge level as a large-scale industry. In fact, most of the medium-scale manufacturing businesses were basically small-scale businesses that have flourished with time and turned into medium scale businesses

A large-scale industry requires a huge amount of capital to be invested and it provides employment to a large number of people in order to offer a high output. The work is done mostly by large machines and laborers. They are located in urban centers and fall in the public sector or run by big industrialists. The examples of such industries are cotton textiles, jute textiles, iron and steel industry.

However, if you want to start your own business, you either need to go for small scale industry or for medium scale industry.


30+ Best Medium Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas – High Profits

Here are some of the top and best medium scale manufacturing business ideas in India.

1) Aluminum door and window manufacturing

The use of aluminium  in business complexes, buildings, auditoriums, theatres, etc. is very extensive due to its light-weight and functionality. The fabrication of different kinds of doors and windows is one of the most innovative and profitable business ideas.

2) Ceramic glazed tiles production

Tiles have been an essential item in kitchen, bathrooms, and in hospitals, etc. Ceramic tiles are made of porous body with a white or colored glaze coating. They are in high demand due to its resistance to weather and chemicals, high strength, and easy cleaning. A lot of designs and variety can be introduced to it through innovation. Due to heavy constructions in large cities in India, Ceramic tiles production is one of the best Profitable Medium Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India.

3) Making of paper bags

A paper bag or paper sack is a preformed container made of paper with one end open. It can be a layer of paper or multiple layers with a thin plastic coating inside. It is extensively used to pack materials like juice, buttermilk, etc. this business can be initiated with moderate investment. The paper bag contains necessary information about the product too. A lot of innovation can be introduced to make your design stand out of the league.

4) Manufacture of furniture

The demand for furniture is long-lasting, be it residential or commercial. With the changing lifestyle, the need for furniture also changes like these days folding furniture is in much demand due to lack of space. You can commence the manufacturing of furniture which is a quite profitable venture.

5) LED Light manufacturing

Having a better lifespan and electrical efficiency than the incandescent lights, LED lights have been in great demand. The industry experts expect a growth of more than ten-fold in the coming decade.  Though LED lights comes with little high cost, considering that it would reduce monthly power bills, it is one of the Top & new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment in India.

6) Leather product manufacturing

This industry holds a prominent place in the Indian economy in view of its massive potential for its growth and employment. A plethora of products can be created with leather to give this industry a new charm.

7) Talcum Powder production

Talcum powder is used as a basic toiletry. It is used to absorb moisture and ideal for oily skin. A lot of fragrances can be added to it like sandalwood, lily, rose, etc. A perfect formula of manufacturing and aggressive marketing strategies has to be adopted for such products to be a hit business idea.

8) Textile printing

Textile printing is a process of applying color to the fabric in a definite pattern or design to make it attractive.  In a properly printing fabric, the color bonds with the fiber, so it is long-lasting. Dyeing and printing is offering a lot of creativity and novelty these days.

9) Manufacture of energy drink

An energy drink is a type of beverage containing stimulant drugs, mainly caffeine. It is basically for mental and physical stimulation. Energy drinks are typically attractive to young people aging 13 to 45 years with 65% of the consumption being the male entry.

10) Garment manufacturing unit

Garments have always been in demand and this increased 4 fold in the last 10 years. There is no estimation of capital for this business as it can be started with as low as Rs.5 Lakh or even with crores.

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11) Automobile parts manufacturing

The automobile industry is flourishing in every part of the world. All automobile industries require spare parts to be assembled in their units. If you have the potential to start this business, it is an excellent business idea. You can specialize in a few spare parts of the automobile industry.

12) Manufacturing of fertilizers

India is basically an agriculture-based country. The farmers need fertilizers at a large scale to increase their production and to protect their crops from insects. If you possess good knowledge of chemicals and fertilizers, you can start with the fertilizer manufacturing unit. This business has huge expansion potential.

13) Water filters manufacturing

Drinking water has been a big problem in urban areas these days. So, one can start the manufacturing of small water filters and small home-based RO plant.

14) Mineral water plant

The demand for mineral water can never go down due to its extensive use in weddings, parties, hotels, restaurants, at commercial as well as residential places, etc. Different sizes of mineral water bottles can be chosen according to the demand.  Mineral water plan can be started on small size and in short term can be turned to medium sized business. Considering that Indian’s are becoming more health conscious, mineral water plan could be one of the best profitable medium scale manufacturing business ideas in India to start on Medium Scale.

15) Manufacturing of carpets

Carpet manufacturing has always being associated with richness and royalty. They have been in great demand in hotels, restaurants, homes, etc. They can be machine-made as well as handmade. This business has huge growth potential with creativity and innovation.

16) Bio-fuel production

The term bio-fuel is used to define fuels that are obtained from the waste of plants or animals. They are renewable source of energy. This business is gaining attention all over the world today keeping in view the scarcity of petrol and diesel. The production of bio-fuel production is a new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment in India.

17) Manufacturing of kitchen utensils and cutleries

The demand for kitchen utensils and cutleries is constant as they are the items of regular use. Durable, designer and fashion cutlery have always been increased demand.  It can be a good business idea.

18) Coconut oil manufacturing

Coconut oil is used as an important cooking medium. It is also used as a raw material in the manufacture of toilet soaps, moisturizers, hair cleanser, hair tonic cosmetics, detergents, etc. One should initiate this business in an area where the raw material is easily procurable.

19) Manufacturing of concrete blocks and tiles

Concrete blocks and tiles are precast solid cement concrete products. They are widely used for flooring in pavement, walls, garden path, etc. With few machines and locally available raw material, you can start this best manufacturing business in India.

20) Dal mill

Dal mill is actually a processing unit of different pulses. According to the availability of the raw material and the demand for products, you can carefully select various products to be manufactured.

21) Organic Detergent Manufacturing

Organic detergent powder is in constant demand at households. If you possess knowledge about chemicals and have a formula of organic detergent powder, you can start your own manufacturing unit.

22) Manufacturing of small types of equipment used in farming

India is a farming intensive country. Farmers require a lot of small and big tools and equipment’s for their farming. You can set up the manufacturing unit of farming-oriented tools.

23) Handmade paper making

Handmade paper making is a craft. The students require different types of handmade papers for their project work, craft making, and art work. This can be produced in a certain specialized variety and special creative effects can be introduced into the business.

24) Grape-wine making

Wine is actually fermenting the grape juice under special conditions. The main raw material required for this business is grape, so one must put this industry where the raw material is available at a cheaper cost. This industry is capital intensive and requires proper operational and marketing strategy.

25) Exercise book manufacturing

The demand for exercise books can never go down as it is the first essential requirement for studies. The manufacturing process of the exercise books is very simple and requires few machines. It is in regular use at schools for students etc.

26) Cashew processing

This industry includes many processes like cutting cashews, kernel ranking, pealing, and packing. You can start this business as a small export-oriented plant also. The unit should be established near the place where the raw material is cheaply available.

27) Crates and carton manufacturing

Crates are special packing boxes used in customs and export-oriented material. Cartons are widely used for bulk packaging and for moving goods from one place to another. This is considered as one of the most profitable medium business ideas.

28) Bread production

The demand for bread can never go out as it is a ready-to-eat product and is full of fibre and carbohydrates. The bread production industry has several diversified opportunities. Fresh and quality bread is always demanded in both rural and urban areas. The production process is also not very complex and can be done with the help of a few machines.

29) Manufacture of natural beauty products

The demand for natural and herbal-based beauty products has gained significant momentum recently. People want chemical-free and organic products for their skin. Preparing a line of natural beauty products is definitely a profitable business. You need to ensure that the products are herbal and the quality is excellent without using any harmful chemicals. In a short span of time, you can make a good customer base and can earn huge profits.

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30) Fitness equipment manufacturing

Health equipments help the consumers to maintain overall physical fitness, health, stamina and muscle strength of the body. Fitness equipment products include treadmill, weight lifting equipments like free weight bars, benches, etc. Changing lifestyle has exposed us to diseases like BP, sugar, obesity, etc. People are regularly demanding these physical fitness equipments to keep themselves healthy and fit. Health equipments production is one of the most innovative and profitable manufacturing business ideas to start now that might require substantial capital investments.

31) Groundnut Oil processing unit

Oil processing and production is a profitable venture in India keeping in view its huge demand. For initiating an oil production business, you need to conduct a detailed market survey. It has huge export potential. It requires a few types of machinery and is a perfect medium scale business project.

Conclusion: There is an old saying that still stands true that “hard work is the key to success”. If you initiate any business, firstly, draft meticulous planning, execute it and then work hard on it to take it the pinnacles of success.

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30+ Profitable Medium Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India


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