July-2019: Latest recurring deposit(RD) interest rates comparison in India

Recurring deposit interest rates in India (Apr-2013)Latest recurring deposit interest rates comparison in India (Updated July-2019)

In the last couple of months, banks have lowered the fixed deposit interest rates and latest recurring deposit interest rates. While comparing latest RD rates with various banks in India indicate that banks are still betting good business on recurring deposits, however offering competitive interest rates. Investment in recurring deposits in India is continued to be one of the best choice for several investors. Due to various features associate with it, these are continuously gaining momentum as investors believe these as a safe investment option. We are publishing the latest major banks recurring deposits interest rates month on month as part of creating awareness among investors to choose the best one instead of compromising and depositing with their current bank. 

Latest recurring deposit interest rates comparison in India – November, 2018

Best Recurring Deposit Interest Rates in Bank in July 2019 in India

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Latest recurring deposit interest rates in India

Suresh KP


  1. Hello sir,

    Can you tell me one thing that am hearing that in future Rd and fd will not give interest for the money for our deposit like banks in Dubai. Is that correct. Can you pls tell in your views pls.


    Swaminathan S


  2. While investing, you have to look at other aspects as well…for ex. what happens if something happens to the investor? does the financial institution assures you that your family will not have to go through a financial crisis…and from that stand point RD and FD are useless…look at the below plan from LIC that takes care of multiple needs.
    One plan that gives u maximum returns
    Maximum security
    Tax benefits both 10d and 80c
    Takes care of child future
    Takes care of family in case something hppens to you
    Takes care of pension
    Premium monthly -7700
    Maturity at 25th year
    Paying period – 22 years..rest 3 years are premium free from lic

    Death case:
    -Immediate 20 lacs given to nominee in case of normal death

    -and 40lacs in case of accidental death

    -Not just that policy still continues as LIC will be paying the premiums till maturity itself.

    -Not just that..nominee will continue to get 2 lacs every year to have a stable life.

    -Not just tht..policy will still mature and nominee will get 60lacs at the maturity..nominee will hv the option to collect the lum sum amount(60 lacs) or get it converted to pension

    Normal case where the policy holder survives till the maturity:
    -60lacs @ maturity

    -Have the option to take 70 % loan after 3 years

    -Hv the option to convert maturity into pension

    -Pension amt would be 31000 p/m

    -Tax saved considering customer falls under 30% slab = 6lacs

    Ajay – 9718487157 – New Delhi

    1. hi can u tell me the plan name of the policy that u have mentioned so that i will check the details and then get back to you about the purchase

    2. LOL – with technology and Interest in their pocket, people are getting intelligent these days. You can’t create panic to buy LIC policy from you. There is something called Nominee that you can declare with any bank in India that will take care of stuffs in unforeseen circumstances. Also, one must write down and disclose their asset details to their dear ones, and also create a WILL (even that is available online, Digital WILL)

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