Latest Interest rates October 2019 – Latest FD/RD rates, home loan rates, Post office rates

All interest rates in India at one place – Updated October 2019

1) Bank Fixed Deposit Rates

Best Bank FD Interest Rates in India (Updated: October 2019)

Latest Bank recurring deposit Rates in India (Updated: July 2019)

Latest SBI Fixed Deposit Rates in India (Updated: January 2019)

2) ​​Corporate Fixed Deposit rates

Top Rated Corporated fixed deposit schemes in India (Updated 2018)

3) Post office Deposit rates

Latest interest rates on Post office Saving Schemes October to December-2019 (Updated: October-2019)

4) Home Loan Rates

Best Home Loan interest rates in India (Updated: 2018)

5) Personal loan interest rates

Best and Cheapest Personal loan Interest rates in India (Updated: 2018)


  • Ravindra Gawde

    Hi there,
    I want to invest around 4-5 lack lumpsum ,pure investment, do not include in life insurance. require good returns, term 1 year. after getting good amount will continue the same. we will invest direct in company, do not what to share the commission to agent. Please suggest me for good plan.

  • Rajkumar

    Is Post office or any bank is better for RD Deposit?


    Which bank is best to start NRE account and describe what are the benefits they are given.

  • Rajesh

    Hi Suresh
    We have always been tempted by these holiday companies like Club Mahindra, Country club, RCE and many other. As a family yes, most of us are interested in going for holidays. But from a financial perspective does it make sense to sign up for 3-5 lacs? They claim we should look at it for a 25 years horizon. Does this make sense for an investment. And as such there are lot of issues reported on the web when the members try to book these holidays after taking up a membership. What they claim while selling these holidays are really not given after we take up the membership.
    I request you to kindly do a compare and math and let us know if this investment is worth it.
    Looking forward to your article as always.

  • Jalpesh


    I am looking for 1 year investment plan with good returns.

    Can you please suggest me any good MF plan ?

    I am salaried person. Is SIP good option or lumpsum ?

    I want to invest around 20-25k.

    Please suggest me for good ELSS plan too.


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