Latest Interest rates April 2019 – Latest FD/RD rates, home loan rates, Post office rates

All interest rates in India at one place – Updated April 2019

1) Bank Fixed Deposit Rates

Best Bank FD Interest Rates in India (Updated: March 2019)

Latest Bank recurring deposit Rates in India (Updated: 2019)

Latest SBI Fixed Deposit Rates in India (Updated: January 2019)

2) ​​Corporate Fixed Deposit rates

Top Rated Corporated fixed deposit schemes in India (Updated 2018)

3) Post office Deposit rates

Latest interest rates on Post office Saving Schemes April-2019 to June-2019 (Updated: April-2019)

4) Home Loan Rates

Best Home Loan interest rates in India (Updated: 2018)

5) Personal loan interest rates

Best and Cheapest Personal loan Interest rates in India (Updated: 2018)

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  1. Hi sir ,

    I am a business person with an annual turnover of over 2Cr. I would like to invest 25Lac Lumpsum . Would like to know the best investment i can do for a period on 5 years to 7 years. My Age for now is 23.

    Thank You

  2. Awesome articles for who want to invest in MF… Please subscribe me…

  3. I need to invest a lumpsum amount of about 10 L, I want to know what are your views on Lumpsum investment in the present market condition

    1. Wait for the article which I am publishing on Tuesday where I have given recommendation about lump sum investment in mutual funds

  4. Dear sir

    i wants internet banking.

    so how can i do.

    Pawan singh
    thanks and best regards.

  5. Sir,
    I want to knw investing in mutual fund is safe or not. if there is some risk then how much risk i lost all money or else i get some amount of money.

    1. Satrughan, Mutual fund investments carry some risk. However if you can invest every month for long term, you can expect good returns of 12% to 13% annualised returns. Investing in short term or lump sum could incurr loss for you some times.

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