How to choose Best Term Insurance Plans in India

How to choose best term insurance plans in India-2013

How to choose Best Term Insurance Plans in India

Do you know the best term insurance plans in India? Do you think buying a term insurance plan from best insurance company would be sufficient? Do you have all the information on which you can decide the best term insurance plans? Today we would discuss about the factors which contributes in choosing the term insurance plans which are best.

What is term insurance plan?

Term insurance plan is life insurance which provides coverage at a fixed premium for a limited period of term. After the period expires, coverage at the previous paid premiums is no longer guaranteed and customer would forgo coverage unless renewed.

Why you should buy term insurance plan?

Term insurance plans are available with low premiums. Since there is no maturity amount attached, these term insurance plans are available with low premiums. These plans would provide coverage for higher insurance with low premium.

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How to choose best term insurance plans in India

Broadly there are 3 factors which would effect in choosing the best term insurance plans

1)   Check high claim settlement ratio: The important factor of selecting any term insurance plans or any other insurance plans is claim settlement ratio. Claim settlement ratio is nothing but the no. of claims the insurance company has settled over the total claims received. Say if an insurance company has received 100 claims, but settled only 90, it would be 90%.

  • If you are not there and your family is supposed to receive the insurance claim, but insurance company has rejected this. Then why you need to buy the term insurance plan? Hence it is important that you check the claim settlement ratio before taking the policy.
  • However there are various factors which would affect your claim rejection.
  • When you buy an insurance policy, do read all the terms and conditions. Your agent might be hiding certain conditions where later the claim might get rejected.
  • Disclose all factors like whether you are smoker and drinker. If you hide this and it would get detected later on when you are not there, there are 100% chances that your family claim gets rejected
  • When you are taking multiple insurance policies, you better disclose them. There are chances that the data might be incorrect in some of the policies and it would be a positive point to insurance company to reject any such claims at a later point of time.

​You can get the claim settlement data from IRDA website –> Annual reports (www. The latest report was released in Nov-12 pertaining to 2011-12 and below is the snapshot from the report. 

best term insurance plans in India-Claim settlement ratio-FY2011-12

2)   Do not look just low premium term insurance plans as best: If you are thinking of choosing a term insurance plan which offers with low premium, then you might be wrong. Low premium could be a factor but cannot be only factor. Low premiums term insurance plans might have several conditions attached to process the claim. Know them upfront, else your family would be trouble at later point of time.

3)   How good the insurance company is? There are several private insurance companies which came in the last few years. People still trust Life Insurance Corporation. If you see above data it says claims settlement ratio is 97.42% for LIC. Now you believe why people believe LIC. I do not say you should not go for private insurance companies. But how the companies are able to build trust among the insurers is the question we should ask. One of the methods of check is looking at the growth in insurance policies taken the insurers from an insurance company.

4)   Comparison of terms and conditions: Another factor can be, to look at the terms and conditions of various insurance companies offering term insurance plans and choosing the best one among them. This is a tricky one as there are no standard rules as to what is the impact of such terms and conditions.

5)   Take two term insurance plans: One way of diversifying the risk is taking two term insurance plans from two different insurance companies. In case there is a rejection from one company, you can still hope to get claim from another insurance company.

Conclusion: Choosing a best term insurance plans is easy once you know the factors which would affect it. I feel the above 5 factors would definitely help in choosing the good term insurance plans.

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Topic: How to choose best Term insurance plans in India


Suresh KP


  • Manish Jain

    Hello Suresh,


    I am also looking for term insurance and I am fortunate that I got your link which has indeed clear my all doubts pertaining to Term Insurance, could you please share link/website from where we can get the latest update of claim settlement ratio. could you please provide your reiew on TATA AIA, I mean is it worth to take TI from them.

    • Hi Manish, Unfortunately there is no consolidated list available. You should visit each and every insurance website to get the settlement ratio. I would analyse and provide a consolidatd list by next week. Also would review TATA term insurance. But can you pls give the exact name of TATA Term insurance so that I can provide my analysis in next 7 to 10 days?


    Hi, my son, who will be 26 in November, non-smoker, has 3 policies:

    1. Max Life Insurance whole life -ULIP for 9.3 lakhs, annual premium 15000, taken in Aug 2005

    2. Birla sunlife saral jeeval policy for 6.6 lakhs, annual premium 60000, taken in Sept 2009

    3. Aviva life shield advantage plan A for 42 lakhs, annual premium 14705, taken in Feb 2011

    I feel this cover is too less and premia are too high. Please advise what to do.


    • Hello Dr.Jain. Looks last one is the only term insurance plan and first two are ULIP’s. As indicated earlier in several articles, ULIP’s charge high charges in initial years. You should check fund performance for atleast 3 to 5 years before taking final call whether you want to close or not. Now coming to your other requirement whether insurance cover is less, you can consider taking term insurance plan from LIC or HDFC click 2 protect or Birla SL Term insurance plan etc.

    • DR JAIN

      Thanks for the prompt reply. I may come back to you for advice after checking the fund performances as the policies are already more than 4 years old.

  • Chittaranjan

    Hi Suresh,

    Can you pls tel me what is a SIP and how to invest in it?




    • Chittaranjan, SIP is Systematic investment plan where you invest in mutual funds every month (fixed amount). It is similar to RD. However instead of investing in bank, you invest in mutual funds

  • Hello Suresh,

    I compared a few term insurance plans online and found out that for my age aegon religare is offering the lowest premium but as you said the claim settlement ratio is as low as 66.06%. also HDFC life is giving an online plan with 96.17% conversion ratio. Do you think I can opt for it, as the premium is just 1000 rs more than aegon. I wanted to go for LIC, but the premiums are high. 


    I had one more question that what is solvency ratio? and how should it effect our decision of buying a policy?



    • Supriya, LIC, HDFC, Birla….. this is how the settlement ratio appears. You may prefer such insurance companies based on that. Let me do some more research on solvency ratio before I write to you.

  • sachin mudgil

    Sir I’m 23 years old and just joined a company and having salary 3 lakhs per annum. Please suggest me best lic plan for 15 to 20 years.

    • Sachin, My suggestion is take LIC Term insurance plan where you would get good risk coverage, but low premium. You can try LIC Anmol Jeevan/Amulya Jeevan.

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