Google Task Mate App – How to earn money online with Simple Tasks?

Google Task Mate App - Earn money online - reviewGoogle Task Mate App – How to earn money online by doing Simple Tasks?

Google has recently launched Task Mate App (beta version) in India where one can earn money by doing simple tasks. The tasks are classified into two categories i.e. Sitting and Field. There are so many scams going on saying offering earn money online schemes and many people are getting cheated now and then. We would get doubt whether Google Task Mate is genuine? This service is offered by Google and hence no doubt about the company. How to earn money from the Google Task Mate App? What simple tasks we need to do with this App? What is Google Task Mate Referral Code / invitation code that is required to start earning money online?

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What is Google Task Mate App?

A few weeks back, Google, major internet search engine company has launched Task Mate App. This App is available at Google Play Store now. One can earn money by doing simple tasks on this App.

This app is available only in Android version. You can use any Android mobile device to earn money online through this Task Mate App. Google Task Mate iphone / IOS version not available.

This App is developed and service is provided by Google directly.

This Task Mate App has over 500,000+ installations on google play store.

There is no registration fees payable.

The registration and task performance is completely online.

There is no maximum limit to earn money.

How does Google Task-Mate App work?

Here is the step-by-step process about installing and earning money through this App.

Step-1 – One need to download and install Task Mate App from google play store. Here is the link.

This is not available in IOS version.  Install this app only from Google play store and avoid installing from other websites who might spam and steal your data.

Step-2 – Enter your email ID and click to get started

Step-3 – Select your preferred App language. You can always change it later.

Step-4 – You need to entire Google Task Mate App referral code. This needs to be entered in capital letters. This is the trickiest part in the entire process as it is not easy to get invitation code / referral code. I would explain this in the next section.

Step-5 – Select the languages you are well versed.

Step-6 – Accept Terms and conditions

Step-7 – You would be taken to DASHBOARD.

Step-8 – Select sitting / field tasks which you want to perform. Based on this, you can see the tasks which you want to select and perform. There are a specific set of tasks that would be asked you to perform. I would cover this in detail in the next section.

Step-9 – Once you complete the task, you can submit. This would go for the review process with Google.

Once your task is approved, you would earn money and it would appear in your account in Google Task Mate App.

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What is Google Task Mate Referral Code?

Currently, this Google App is under beta version in India.

There are several messages floating about Google Task Mate Referral Code in India on Quora, Telegram, Twitter, Reditt or live. I have seen many forums who are asking how to get Google Task Mate App referral code.

This is available only to limited testers with invitation code. If you have an referral / invitation code, you can go ahead and start earning money now. For others, it would be made available soon. Many people commented that Google Task Mate Referral Code working in these cases 1) 5ZY761 or 2) X686H7 or 3) B68111P. But be cautious to not enter multiple codes randomly as your device can get blocked.

Google Task Mate release date for other users are yet to be confirmed by google.

What tasks to be done on Google Task-Mate App?

This Task Mate App provides simple tasks which are posted by businesses around the world.  Means business is approaching Google for these small tasks and Google is providing them to individuals to perform them. Here are a few examples:

1) Take a photo of nearby restaurants

2) Answer survey questions about your preferences

3) Help Translate from English to your local languages

You can select tasks only which you are interested. You can skip if you don’t like them or you cannot perform them.

These tasks can be completed from anywhere and anytime. You might be registered in Hyderabad initially, but you would have moved to Chennai later on, you can still perform the tasks.

How can we get payments for tasks done on Google Task Mate App?

There is a threshold of USD 10. Once you reach this threshold you can ask on the App. You would be paid amount in local currency only. E.g. you earned USD 10 and the forex conversion rate as on the payment date is Rs 72 / 1 USD, then you would get INR 720.

Google would make payment to your e-wallet / bank account.You need to update such details under “payment” section of the Google Task Mate App.

Once you reach the threshold and registered for e-wallet/bank account, you can just visit your profile section of your App and click “cash out”. The payment would be released by Google to your registered payment account.

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Is Google Task Mate App genuine?

This task app is developed and maintained by Google. They pay Crores of rupees to web site owners by way of advertising in India without delay. Hence this is genuine. The only limiting factor is currently it is in beta version and getting invitation code / referral code is a major challenge.

Conclusion: Currently this Task Mate is only with invitation code. If you got referral code from the tester, its fine, other wise, many forums /telegram groups / Reditt groups are saying they would sell such invitation codes. Don’t get into such trap and scams and loose your money. We can wait for a few more weeks where Google can release this App for every one without any referral codes to be entered and one can earn money from google.

If you have already started earning money through this App, share your experiences here. This would help other readers of this blog too.

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