Flexi SIP – Unique feature in mutual fund investment

Flexi SIP - Unique feature in mutual fund investment

Flexi SIP – Unique feature in mutual fund investment

As part of our analysis in identifying unique features in various investment options, one of the options available under SIPs of mutual funds is Flexi SIP, offered by Fundsupermart.com

What is SIP?

A simple Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is one where you create a SIP for a fixed amount per month on specific date. On pre-defined date, the SIP gets executed and based on NAV of the particular scheme, mutual fund units get credited to your mutual fund investment account.

What is Flexi SIP?

FLEXI-SIP PORTFOLIO under Fundsupermart.com is an option that combines the discipline of regular SIP investing with ample flexibility to give you more control over your investments.

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How does Flexi SIP works?

You have to give the maximum ECS mandate to your bank. This amount would work as an upper cap and you can invest as much as you want within this limit. You can increase or decrease the SIP amount per month. You can switch between funds and add funds. As part of our analysis, we contacted Nelson D’souza, Deputy MD, Fundsupermart.com. He indicated that “Flexi SIP is a unique feature offered by Fundsupermart.com where one can modify the SIP amount within the ECS limit at any time at no extra documentation. Generally with other mutual fund distributors, you need to cancel your existing SIP in case you want to increase or decrease the SIP amount and re-create the SIP. Also this model allows one to do multiple SIPs with a single bank mandate”.

How does this help investors?

  • Combine the discipline of a systematic investment plan (SIP) without any restrictions
  • You can increase / reduce your SIP amount or pause your SIP
  • Alter your monthly investment amount and the types of funds you invest in, to suit your affordability and convenience
  • Get amazing control over your mutual fund investments

How to invest in such Flexi SIP?

As per my knowledge, this unique feature is currently available at Fundsupermart.com only. At Fundsupermart.com, you can buy and sell funds at no cost (zero transaction costs) through your personalized online mutual fund account.

What is cost of setting up such Flexi SIP?

Currently, they are offering this at zero cost.

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How to use this feature?

Register SINGLE ECS Mandate with MAXIMUM Limit for monthly bank debits for mutual fund SIPs. It is not mandatory that you need to invest the maximum limit agreed by you. It is only the upper cap up to which you can invest. You can invest below this level at any time without any additional documentation.

Currently this facility is available for all funds. It’s not mandatory that you should invest only in specific funds.

Also, you can terminate the ECS mandate any time before the agreed tenure.

If there are no sufficient funds, the transaction would fail. After 3 consecutive failures of such transactions, the SIP for that fund would be auto-terminated but the bank mandate will still be active allowing you to renew your SIPs without any extra documentation.

Conclusion: I personally cancelled existing SIPs with mutual fund schemes either to reduce or increase the monthly SIP amount due to lack of such a flexible feature with my mutual fund distributor. We feel this is a unique feature of an SIP in mutual fund investments.

Readers, are you aware of such Flexi SIP option? Does your mutual fund distributor offer such unique feature?

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Flexi SIP – Unique feature in mutual fund investment

The above analysis is done as part of identifying unique features among investment options. We do the analysis with the data available with us and sometimes we also try to contact the managers of the company to verify the accuracy of the data and modify our analysis accordingly.

Suresh KP


  1. I want to invest uti for 2 years per month 500 rupees is there any plan.
    After complete 2 years how much i taken the total amount.thanking you.

  2. sir

    is there any software for mainting records of all investments i .e Mf,commodity,shares,realestate,post investment , fd LI, GI etc enable us to know the maturity and fresh ivestments can be done plz suggest .

    1. Use http://www.moneycontrol.com Portfolio manager(you will find this link on top)

      This will tracks all your investments, cash flow and assets, through LIVE price updates. Get a consolidated view of your multiple stock, mutual fund, ULIP or bullion transactions

  3. Hi Debojyoti,

    Just as a user of this feature would like to add that at fundsupermart it is a combination of portfolio sip and flexi sip available with other platforms. So it's actually one of the best features one can provide for SIPs.


  4. Hi Suresh,

    The very option you described is also provided by Fundsindia.com. Please note that, with that option, the regular SIP will continue as is monthly if opted and the Flexi option probably would be to buy extra units from the existing MFs or other MFs whenever any person feels like. Hope this helps.



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