9 tips on how to be within your personal finance budget and increase savings

Overview How many of us plan our personal finance budget? Planning of personal finance budget is important for achieving your financial goals. If you are struggling to manage your cash inflow / out flow every month and keep worrying about your future money management, this article is for you. Budget planning can be done by an individual for his money management, a business man or company for their business. Below is the step-by-step guide on how you plan for your […]

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3 ways to make money through twitter

About Making money through Twitter Are you a social networking person? Do you have several fans and followers? Then the business I am going to talk about is right one for you. Making money through twitter is an existing concept. There are several ways for making money through Twitter. What is twitter? Twitter is a social networking site where millions of twitter accounts are created and millions of tweets run every week. You can follow some one for appropriate updates (say […]

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7 tips for making money by selling domain names

Overview about Domain Name trading / Selling domain names Today I would be discussing about domain name trading / selling domain names business. Investing in domain names is not new. This has started in the early days of the World Wide Web (www) internet. There are millions of domain names currently registered. What is selling domain names business? Domain name business here is nothing but buying and selling the website domain names. Profit would be a simple difference between buying […]

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7 ways to make money online by writing articles


About ways to make money online by writing articles There are various ways to make money online. This post is for those who want to make extra money sitting at home or make extra money during their leisure time online. One of the popular methods to make money online is writing articles online. 7 ways to make money online by writing articles 1) Blogger : One can create a blogger website and start writing articles online on their own. This […]

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5 best ways to buy and invest in gold

About investment in Gold An investment in gold has given very good return over years. If you see the history, Gold has given the returns as high as 13+times over the last 10 years, hence gold has become a good and best investment option. There are various ways of investing in gold. Some of the best methods are provided below. 5 best ways to buy and invest in gold 1)      Buy Physical Gold: One can invest money by directly buying […]

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6 good trading strategies to benefit from Forex currency day trading

6 good trading strategies to benefit from Forex currency day trading which is one of the best investment option What is forex currency trading ? Forex currency trading is online trading of purchasing and selling forex currency pairs. The forex currency pairs can be USD/EUR; EUR/USD etc., the quotation EUR/USD 1.25 refers that one Euro is exchanged (Buy or sell) for 1.25 US Dollars. There are many forex trading brokers who offer trading platforms like iforex.com, forextrading.com, easy-forex.com etc., Below […]

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