Managing cost budgets-Know your true savings month on month

Have you managed your cost budget and know your true savings month on month ? Overview of "Managing budget" Many of us complain stating that in some months we spend abnormal expenses either for children education, car maintenance or insurance payments and our savings month on month fluctuate. How to identify the true savings month on month is a big challenge for any one. I would be telling you simple tips on identification of true savings month on month. These […]

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Reduce Expenses and Save – Without compromising on the quality of services

  Overview What I meant here is, not to cut-down the items which you use and reduce the expenses. What I refer is getting what you want with lesser costs, thereby increasing savings and adding this kitty as extra income. How to reduce your expenses You are aware of the saying “80% of the problem would be in 20% of the bucket”. Similar way 80% of the expenses would fall under 2-3 categories of expenses. List down your expenses for […]

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